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Diablo 4 offers in-game rewards in exchange for your blood

Blizzard asks players to join in on Diablo IV's new Blood Harvest event where they can submit proof of blood donations for exclusive in-game D4 rewards.

Diablo 4 Blood Harvest: A pale vampire woman with long brown hair glows in the light, her fangs showing as she opens her mouth

Diablo IV just saw the release of its second season, the aptly named Season of Blood. If you didn’t already know, Blizzard’s latest D4 season adds loads of vampire-related content to the RPG. With everything from special abilities to challenging enemies, the developer packed Season 2 to the brim with fang-tastic fresh content as well as improvements to already existing features in-game. In honor of the second season’s arrival, Blizzard is asking players to donate their blood for special in-game rewards.

That’s right. You can give your real-life blood to those in need for some unique Diablo 4 rewards. The RPG game‘s players can only technically donate blood to participate in what Blizzard calls the “Blood Harvest” if they’re legal residents of the USA and 18 or older. Every Diablo IV player gets the rewards, though. While you may not be able to donate yourself due to your location or otherwise, you’ll still get the same reward drops.

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Blizzard says it will award the cosmetic rewards to all players with active Diablo IV accounts globally on Wednesday, November 22. The developer specifies that it will only reward cosmetics that are “related to the final percentages indicated on the site.” The rewards you’ll get depend on how much blood everyone collectively donates out of 666 quarts (100%).

Diablo IV – Blood Harvest – Friday, October 20, 2023

If you want to submit proof of your own blood donation, you can have a look at the event’s page on the official Diablo IV website. You’ll also find the Blood Harvest terms and conditions listed there alongside a closer look at every reward tier, its requirements, and its special cosmetics.

Diablo 4 Blood Harvest rewards by tier

In the event that players donate 100% or all 666 quarts of blood prior to Blizzard’s aforementioned end date, the Blood Harvest will end early and players will receive each of the tier’s prizes. From weapon cosmetics to a spooktacular mount, here are all of the Blood Harvest rewards.

Tier 1 – 33%

  • Dagger
    • Bloodpetal Anlace
  • Axe
    • Bloodpetal Sever
  • Necro Offhand
    • Bloodpetal Heart
  • Sword
    • Bloodpetal Blade
  • Druid Staff
    • Bloodpetal Bludgeon
    • Barb Armor

Tier 2 – 66%

  • Barbarian Armor
    • Loch Raeth Maor

Tier 3 – 100%

  • Mount
    • Vermillion Eye Piebald

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