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Diablo 4 bonus XP and gold event kicks off next week

"Mother's Blessing" returns to Diablo 4 to entice players back with extra gold and experience gains across seasonal and eternal realms.

Diablo 4 Game Pass: Lilith looks down on you with green eyes, the Xbox logo showing in her pupils.

If you’ve wandered away from Diablo 4 over the past year, next week might be the perfect time to jump back in. Blizzard has announced a new “Mother’s Blessing” event that kicks off next week, and it’s a chance to quickly earn a lot of gold and experience.

The Mother’s Blessing event in Diablo 4 starts March 26 at 10 am PT and runs through April 2. During that period, all players will get an across-the-board bonus 35% to the rate they earn both experience and gold in the RPG game.

Blizzard says this effect is stackable with similar effects from elixirs and the Urn of Aggression, so you can combine those tools to really rake in the earnings next week.

The event applies to all realms in Diablo 4, so you’ll get the boost whether you’re playing in the Eternal or Seasonal Realms. It also applies to all world tiers. This means you’ll be able to shoot through battle pass ranks or level your characters up a lot faster than normal, and Blizzard seems to be hoping that the bonus will lure lapsed players back into the fold.

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