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New Diablo 4 add-on means you’ll never miss a world boss

Diablo 4 just got a new add-on for Twitter and Discord which pings you with world boss start times, meaning you’ll never miss one of Blizzard’s big bads again.

Diablo 4 world boss tracker: A horned demon with multi-colored eyes, Lilith from Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a vast, unforgiving hellscape where you must risk life and loot to secure the most XP and the top levels. Every trip to Sanctuary is fraught with potential peril, as you hunt for Diablo 4 world boss locations, trying to bag yourself a super-sized, Satanic scalp. But worse than getting killed is – what I would call – Diablo 4 FOMO. What if Ashava, Avarice, or the Wandering Death spawn in and you’re not there to capitalize? Well, fear no more, as a new unofficial D4 add-on for Twitter and Discord drops you a regular world boss ping, so you’ll never miss any of Blizzard’s RPG game monstrosities ever again.

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day grinding your Diablo 4 builds. You’ve done a few raids, and cleared a few dungeons, it’s time for a break. But the next time you log on, you realize if you’d just hung around a few more minutes, you’d have gotten a shot at one of the mighty world bosses. It’s a horribly missed opportunity. If only you’d known.

Well, praise Lilith, because the aptly named ‘Diablo 4 World Boss Timer’ has finally arrived. Essentially, this is a Twitter feed that will continually update with all the latest D4 boss times, even separating them based on location and timezone. Lounging in Los Angeles and want to know when you can next take down Ashava? No problem. Sitting back in Sydney waiting for the next appearance of the Wandering Death? You’re covered.

Diablo 4 world boss Twitter: An image from Diablo 4 World Boss Timer, showing spawns for Ashava in the Blizzard RPG game

Naturally, you can set Diablo 4 World Boss Timer to ping you via Twitter, but you can also integrate it with Discord, perfect for if you’re playing alongside your friends. It’s absolutely up-to-the-minute as well, like you have some kind of personalized satellite network around Sanctuary, feeding you info on all the latest boss movements. Check it out here.

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