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Diablo 4 cast and voice actors

D4 is studded with talent, layering the story expertly over frenetic skirmishes, here’s the Diablo 4 cast and voice actors so you know who’s doing a good job.

Looking for the Diablo 4 cast and voice actors? Sanctuary is a brutal, unforgiving place, home to all manner of horrors both human and otherwise. It would be easy to think that existing in this universe would be nothing but pain. In a sense you’re right, but thankfully, the stellar cast of D4 does a great job of creating a believable story with a distinct personality.

Diablo 4, as our D4 review can attest, is a triumph, and easily one of the best RPGs in recent memory. Who voices each of the Diablo 4 classes? Is there a voice in there that you recognize, but can’t quite put your finger on? Did the cries of ‘Lycan Nightmare!’ trigger something in your brain? Here is the Diablo cast and voice actors list.

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Diablo 4 main cast list

  • Lilith – Caroline Faber
  • Prava – Debra Wilson
  • Mephisto – Steve Blum
  • Inarius – Gabe Kunda
  • Elias – Anthony Howell
  • Neyrelle – Judy Alice Lee
  • Taissa – Cherise Boothe
  • Lorath – Ralph Ineson


Eastenders, The Bill, Casualty, Midsomer Murders; Caroline Faber has run the gauntlet of British television and come out of the other side unscathed – better, almost, now that she’s the Mother of Sanctuary and everyone’s favorite horned antagonist.


Debra Wilson is having a stormer of a year – not only is she the voice of Prava, but has recently gained plaudits for her role in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as the complex Cere Junda. She also voiced a character in Redfall, but we don’t talk about that here.


Steve Blum has voiced some of the coolest characters in pop culture over his career, including Wolverine, Starscream, Zeb Orrelios, and Cowboy Bebop’s own Spike Spiegel. No surprise then that his turn as Mephisto sticks with us.


Sojourn from Overwatch, Jean Gray, Widey Bones from Return to Monkey Island, Cherise Boothe is no stranger to all things nerd. Makes sense, then, that she’d find herself on the main cast list for Diablo 4.


Ralph Ineson, an instantly recognizable Northerner both in looks and voice, finds himself at the heart of the Diablo 4 story. From Chernobyl, to Game of Thrones, to Ready Player One, Ralph has been all over Hollywood for many years and his presence in Diablo 4 enhances the story to no end.

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Diablo 4 player character cast list

  • Barbarian Female – Laila Berzins
  • Barbarian Male – Ray Chase
  • Druid Female – Courtenay Taylor
  • Druid Male – Andrew Morgado
  • Necromancer Female – Elle Newlands
  • Necromancer Male – Jesse Burch
  • Rogue Female – Anna Koval
  • Rogue Male – Andres Williams
  • Sorceress – Maya Saroya
  • Sorcerer – Joseph Balderrama

Diablo 4 additional characters cast list

  • Airidah – Isla Blair
  • Asgail – Neve McIntosh
  • Astaroth – David Lodge
  • Brol – David Jung
  • Daruuk – Donald Li
  • Denbar – Artt Butler
  • Iosef – Gideon Emery
  • Khelit – Caleb Yen
  • Meshif – Ramiz Monsef
  • Nafain – Gordon Kennedy
  • Orbei Abbott – Clive Mantle
  • Oyuun – Momo Yeung
  • Rathma – Scott Whyte
  • Vhenard – Ulka Mohanty
  • Zolaya – Fiona Rene

Well now you’ve put the names to their voices with our Diablo 4 cast list, there’s nothing left to distract you from taking down hell itself. If you’re struggling to nail down a build, we have the best Barbarian, best Rogue, and best Necromancer builds here as well as how to get Diablo 4 Veiled crystals so you can upgrade their gear without a problem.