Diablo 4 DLC includes cosmetics and “full” story expansions

The surprise Xbox showcase blowout has given us info on Diablo 4 DLC, and it'll restrict microtransactions to cosmetics - with proper story expansions coming

Full Diablo 4 story expansions are planned, by Lilith of course

In a surprising turn of events, the eagerly-anticipated RPG game Diablo 4 had a big showing and a Necromancer gameplay reveal at the Xbox showcase – and along with that, the first details on Diablo 4 DLC were revealed, which is “anchored” around cosmetic microtransactions and “full story-driven expansions.”

Just before Summer Game Fest, a job listing for Blizzard confirmed that Diablo 4 would have an in-game store – which the publisher calls “a key component of Diablo 4’s seasonal content strategy.” At the time, though, we could only guess what would actually be in the store, but a number of fans had concerns over microtransactions – especially as Diablo Immortal loot boxes possibly got the game banned from release in some countries.

These concerns were spotted by Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson, who took to Twitter to confirm that Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal are two very different games, with different DLC strategies. Fergusson states that Diablo 4 is “a full-price game” built expressly for PC and consoles, with support planned “for years to come.”

More specifically regarding DLC and microtransactions, Diablo 4 is planned to be “anchored around optional cosmetic items and full story-driven expansions.” Considering Diablo 3 only had one real expansion, Reaper of Souls, it’s good to hear that Blizzard is planning more than one.

However, it should be noted that this doesn’t rule out the possibility of other forms of DLC or microtransactions, but we’ll just have to wait and see to find out more.

Diablo 4 wasn’t the only Blizzard game at the event, either, as Overwatch 2 had its release date and confirmation of free-to-play announced too.