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Bungie dev calls Diablo 4 scaling “lazy,” Blizzard boss claps back

A Bungie engineer has tweeted out that Diablo 4's enemy scaling is "one of the worst ideas," and the President of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, has clapped back.

Artwork of Diablo 4's horned demon Lilith with a red background.

Diablo 4 players have been busy grinding away in the RPG game since its launch earlier this month. While the general buzz has been overwhelmingly positive, as you can see in our Diablo 4 review, some of the game’s features do have their detractors, including Bungie’s Chad Jessup, who earlier today criticized Diablo 4‘s enemy scaling on Twitter.

Using Diablo 4 as an example, Jessup, who is a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer at Bungie, tweeted out that enemy scaling is “lazy” and “negates several play styles, ruins player power trips, and just sucks.” In the now-deleted tweet, Jessup says he has “never heard of someone liking that type of system.” The tweet has attracted a fair bit of attention, including from none other than Blizzard President Mike Ybarra, who replied to Jessup with just two words: “Lazy, huh.”

A screenshot of the interaction between the Bungie dev and Diablo dev

Jessup attempted to address some of the interpretations of his original post in a follow-up tweet, saying “I think people think I’m saying Diablo 4 is bad, hard, or lazy. I’ve only showered praise on the game as a whole.” In a quote reply to that post, Jessup then said that his “wording could have been better.” Soon after that, he deleted his original post entirely, later tweeting that his “wording was harsher” than intended. He also wrote that he was not “knocking on the devs” and actually considers Diablo 4 “a stellar game.”

Bungie dev responds after Diablo Dev replies to original tweet

If you don’t play much Diablo or have simply never come across the term ‘scaling’ before, it typically refers to the game’s level of challenge increasing in line with your character’s power. Generally, the higher you are in level, the more difficult the game will become.

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