Diablo 4 endgame explained

You've hit the level cap, bestest Lilith, and slaughtered everything in sight, so what's next? Here's all the information we have on the Diablo 4 endgame.

Diablo 4 endgame: a person dressed in heavy armour destroys a horde of monsters with lightning.

The Diablo 4 endgame is the content you’re going to be playing through once you’ve bested everything the ARPG has to offer; they’re the highest-level activities, the toughest challenges, and are what will keep players hooked to Diablo 4 for years to come. Diablo 3’s approach to endgame was admirably simple but left a lot of players wanting. Blizzard did a solid job of rectifying this, so we’re hoping for a more thorough Diablo 4 endgame plan when the ARPG eventually launches.

We’ve already had a look at some of the Diablo 4 classes, including the Druid class and Barbarian class. Certainly, some of the things we saw at BlizzCon will change before the game comes out, but from the looks of things, a lot of this seems firmly in place. Some of the following information has been discussed in considerable detail in panels, from dungeons and dungeon keys to potential loot rewards. Here’s everything we know about Diablo 4’s endgame so far.

World tiers

Diablo 4’s world tier system is designed to keep the overworld challenging – and rewarding – no matter how powerful you get during your playthrough. There are five world tiers, with each one increasing the level of foe you face while in the overworld. The world tier can be changed when starting your session, or at a World Tier Statue in a town.

World tiers one and two will be available as you begin the game, with three, four, and five only becoming accessible once a specific dungeon has been bested.

As the world tier increases, so do the rewards. Even at world tier two, you can expect better gear drops, increased gold drops, and an XP boost from defeating enemies.

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons

After increasing the world tier difficulty to three and above, and when you gain access to the Tree of Whispers, you will start collecting Nightmare Sigils. These sigils are used to unlock Nightmare Dungeons – more difficult versions of a regular dungeon. The difficulty of the Nightmare Dungeon will depend on the level of Nightmare Sigil in your possession, meaning that these dungeons will scale in difficulty as your power rises.

Each Nightmare Dungeon will adhere to a set of enemy modifiers, changing how they play, and at the most difficult difficulties, requiring a lot of preparation. These could be anything from doubling the number of enemies you face to increasing various elemental damage received.

World bosses

Occasionally, you will come across a world boss on your travels. These are fiendishly difficult enemies in the overworld that will require a large number of players to overcome. If you and your fellow players manage to down these gargantuan entities, you’ll be rewarded with rare loot.

Diablo 4 endgame loot

We’ve already had a look into how the Diablo 4 loot system works, we have a guide on it and all. A lot of the excitement surrounding endgame content is going to be tied to what loot you can get. Diablo 4 Mythic items are a new tier of legendary loot that should add an extra level of rarity for dedicated players and those chasing their ideal Diablo 4 builds to work towards. These should slot neatly alongside legendaries, and from early footage, it looks like Mythics will add a whole suite of legendary-tier buffs, however, you can only equip one per loadout. Legendary loot drops and loot rolls in general will also change as you enter the endgame, so you’ll come across them a lot less in the endgame but will feel more permanent.


The initial endgame of Diablo 4 won’t be the only potential endgame content we’ll get. As Diablo 3’s seasons were such a success and added a lot of replayability to the game in its long life, Blizzard has confirmed that they will be making a reappearance in Diablo 4.

Seasons were introduced back in 2014 and added new ways to play the game, for example, Season 19 of Diablo 3 was named ‘Season of the Eternal Conflict’. This changed the combat effects of characters to encourage killstreaks. We’ll certainly see seasons like this in Diablo 4, but Blizzard has also said we can expect to see new legendary items appearing in seasons, too – giving players an even greater incentive to dive back in.

Now you know what to expect from the Diablo 4 endgame, all that remains is for you to get out there and start slaying. If you absolutely cannot wait for the Diablo 4 release date, read up on how you can get early access just in time for the Diablo 4 beta release date, and while you’re preparing yourself, best to read up on the Diablo 4 system requirements, too, so you aren’t left out when the time comes.