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Diablo 4 endgame explained

You've hit the level cap, bestest Lilith, and slaughtered everything in sight, so what's next? Here's all the information we have on the D4 endgame.

Diablo 4 endgame: a person dressed in heavy armour destroys a horde of monsters with lightning.

What is the Diablo 4 endgame? The D4 endgame is what you’ll be playing through once you’ve bested everything the ARPG has to offer; they’re the highest-level activities, the toughest challenges, and will keep players hooked to Diablo 4 for years to come. Diablo 3’s approach to endgame was admirably simple but left a lot of players wanting more.

We’ve spent time perfecting the best build throughout our time in the game, but what happens once the main campaign is over? You do it again, of course! Increasing the world tier difficulty allows you to perfect your Diablo 4 classes and is the ultimate challenge for any hardcore Diablo 4 player.

Diablo 4 endgame unlocks new world tiers

Diablo 4 World tiers

The Diablo 4 world tier system is designed to keep the overworld challenging – and rewarding – no matter how powerful you get during your playthrough. There are five world tiers, each increasing the level of foes you face while in the overworld. You can change the world tier when starting your session or at a world tier Statue in a town.

World tiers one and two are available as you begin the game, with three, four, and five only becoming accessible once the Capstone dungeon has been bested.

As the world tier increases, so do the rewards. Even at world tier two, you can expect better gear drops, increased gold drops, and a greater XP boost from defeating enemies.

Nightmare Dungeons

After increasing the world tier difficulty to three and above, you will start collecting Nightmare Sigils when you access the Tree of Whispers. These sigils are used to unlock Nightmare Dungeons – more difficult versions of a regular dungeon. The difficulty of the Nightmare Dungeon will depend on the level of Nightmare Sigil in your possession, meaning that these dungeons will scale in difficulty as your power rises.

Each Nightmare Dungeon will adhere to a set of enemy modifiers, changing how they play and requiring a lot of preparation at the highest difficulties. These could be anything from doubling the number of enemies you face to increasing various elemental damage received.

Ashava,, one of the Diablo 4 world bosses, a pestilent demon that resembles a plague-ridden dragon, vomits poison acid from its open maw.

World bosses

Occasionally, you will come across a world boss on your travels. These fiendishly difficult enemies will require many players to overcome. You’ll be rewarded with rare loot if you and your fellow players manage to down these gargantuan entities.

Fields of Hatred PvP

There are certain areas of Diablo IV quite aptly named the Fields of Hatred, where PvP combat is rife. These areas aim to collect shards, purify them, then take them back to one of the hub areas to sell for cosmetic items. The only issue is that other players will also be in these areas, and will know when you’re attempting to purify your stash of shards, so keep your wits about you and your weapons at the ready.

Diablo 4 endgame loot

We’ve already looked into how the Diablo 4 loot system works, and a lot of the excitement surrounding endgame content will be tied to what loot you can get. Unique items slot neatly alongside legendaries, though you can only equip one per loadout. In general, legendary loot tables and rolls also change as you enter the endgame, but the ones you receive will likely be a mainstay in your gear set.

Diablo 4 Lilith stands against a bold dark background

Diablo 4 Season 1 endgame content

Diablo 4 seasons follow in the footsteps of the sequel’s predecessor, which is guaranteed to extend the replayability of the live-service game. Each season in Diablo 4 introduces additional items at high rarities and a refresh to your Paragon Board. They also include season objectives to progress through that season’s Diablo 4 battle pass.

Diablo 4 Season 1:  Season of the Malignant introduces new endgame mechanics, including Malignant Hearts that can be found on corrupted enemies. These special items can be socketed into specific pieces of equipment, and if you break them down into an Invoker, you can enter Malignant Tunnels to try and farm high-quality Malignant Hearts. If you thought the endgame builds were powerful before, you’re going to be in for a treat when you see how season 1 raises the power level.

Now you know what to expect from the Diablo 4 endgame. All that remains is for you to get out there and start slaying. If you’ve yet to jump into the latest in the series, read up on the Diablo 4 system requirements so you can efficiently plot your way through Lilith’s armies.