Diablo 4 error code 316719 explained and how to fix the error

If you’ve run into Diablo 4 beta code 316719 while playing the Blizzard RPG game, here’s how to fix the error message and log back in as quickly as possible.

Diablo 4 beta code 316719 explained - the demon Lilith gives a wry look, framed by light washing through the stained glass window of a church behind her

What is the 316719 Diablo 4 beta error code and how do you fix it? If you’ve been playing Diablo 4 and encountered this error, you aren’t alone. We’ve got all the latest information on what causes the code to appear and how you can get rid of it.

Players diving into the Diablo 4 open beta weekend are finding themselves randomly booted to the game’s main menu or unable to start playing, leaving them once again stuck in queue. If you’re trying to level up your Diablo 4 classes, you’ll want to follow the steps below and get back into action as quickly as possible. Check out our guide to the other known Diablo 4 error codes for further advice on common issues.

Diablo 4 beta code 316719 - message that reads "Warning! There was an error. (Code 316719)"

Diablo 4 error code 316719 explained

Diablo 4 code 316719 is an error code that can kick players from the game, and occurs due to server instability. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to fix this code – you must accept the message and restart your game. This may mean waiting through another queue to get back in. Blizzard said when the error first occurred that it is working to reduce queue times and improve overall server stability, so hopefully we see less of this error from now on.

While multiple players report different actions happening prior to the error occurring, such as leveling up a character, finishing character creation, or even just starting the game, Blizzard customer support has responded to a post about the error citing “server stability issues,” so it’s likely that it’s primarily due to high load on the game’s servers.

Diablo 4 is out now, so server issues or not, be sure to check the Diablo 4 system requirements to make sure your PC is up to spec before jumping into Sanctuary.