You can read Diablo 4’s texts now, and they say Druids rule

If you've ever wondered what the mysterious text in Diablo 4 actually means some players have managed to translate it, and boy do people like werewolves.

You can read Diablo 4's texts now, and they say Druids rule: A black, bald woman wearing white robes raises her hands kneeling in front of huge shields

If you thought that Diablo 4‘s Cathedral of Light was obsessed with Inarius, then I have news for you. Some avid RPG game enthusiasts have managed to translate Diablo 4‘s mysterious language into English, and it turns out the High Heaven’s followers are a tad obsessed with werewolves.

Do you like werewolves? I like werewolves – not enough to make use of the best Diablo 4 Druid builds, mind you, but I think they’re pretty cool. If you, however, are sick of being dubbed ‘the worst Diablo 4 class,’ then I have good news for you; the people of Sanctuary really, really like werewolves.

Using the Collector’s Edition’s artbook, u/TheoryofN has decyphered the alphabet used across Sanctuary. Having checked this against my own artbook, the cypher does make a good amount of sense, so while the runes may mean something entirely different, this is a fun translation for now.

The most common sequence we see written across Sanctuary translates to ‘werewolf.’ It’s in the text Nevesk’s priest is reading before his untimely demise, and is honed into the very stone of several of the Cathedral of Light’s most sacred sites. You heard it here ‘fur’st folks, Inarius was a werewolf all along (maybe).

Ruins of an old church on fire with symbols etched into the walls that translate as 'werewolf'

TheoryofN has also translated some of the text around the borders of Sanctuary, noting that a church on the Eastern end of the map warns “beware of fractured mount, beware here be drag.” Dragons? In Diablo 4? Let me at them.

While I would love to see a Diablo take on these age-old scaly beasts, I think this passage could refer to Mount Civo, the area that houses the shrines to Baal, Diablo, and Mephisto that you encounter in Act 3’s ‘Through the Dark Glass.’ It is very fiery and draconic, after all.

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Either way, whether the Cathedral of Light is obsessed with werewolves or not, this is a fun little translation system that can help you decode some of the other writing strewn across Sanctuary. In order to translate your class’ vast array of abilities into actual damage, though (see what I did there?), be sure to check out our list of the best Diablo 4 builds, as well as the Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith locations to help you power up your Wanderer.