Best Diablo 4 Druid build

We have the best D4 Druid build focusing on skills, armor, abilities, and aspects to include to maximise your strength and slay foes endlessly.

What is the best Diablo 4 Druid build? Known for transforming into primal beasts, Druids are also capable of evoking the elements in ways a Sorcerer could only dream of. Defeat your enemies by commanding the earth to move mountains and imbue yourself with lightning to strike back against any threats.

In an effort to keep things simple, we’re going to focus on a single, immensely powerful D4 Druid build below. If you’re already starting to second-guess your decision to play as a burly, earth-worshipping magician, don’t sweat it: we have loads of other build guides for you. Take a look at the best Diablo 4 Barbarian build, Sorcerer build, Necromancer build, and Diablo 4 Rogue build if you want to try one of the other Diablo 4 classes instead.

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What is the best Diablo 4 Druid build?

The best Diablo 4 Druid build is the Landslide Druid which gives you the ability to crush your enemies between two pillars of earth while in Werebear form. Druids rely a little more on aspects than most other classes, making this build truly shine as soon as you can clear their respective dungeons.

With aspects affixed to your gear, you can expect Landslide to deal even more damage than it already does, augmenting it further with the Werebear’s Trample. You won’t need spirit wolves where you’re going.

Here are the skills you need to create the D4 Landslide Druid:

  • Basic skills
    • Wild Earth Spike (1/5)
  • Core skills
    • Primal Landslide (5/5)
    • Heart of the Wild (3/3)
    • Wild Impulses (3/3)
    • Abundance (3/3)
  • Defensive skills
    • Innate Blood Howl (1/5)
  • Companion skills
    • Brutal Poison Creeper (1/5)
    • Clarity (2/3)
  • Wrath skills
    • Natural Hurricane (5/5)
    • Savage Trample (5/5)
    • Elemental Exposure (1/3)
    • Endless Tempest (3/3)
    • Crushing Earth (3/3)
    • Safeguard (3/3)
    • Stone Guard (3/3)
  • Ultimate skills
    • Defiance (3/3)
  • Key Passives Skills: 
    • Earthen Might (1/1) 

Remember, you need to have all 58 possible talent points unlocked to make the most of this build. For the sake of time, you can use this one just fine by plugging in the points as you get them. Always opt to unlock a trait over upgrading an existing one.

The Landslide abliity is one of the key components of the best Diablo 4 Druid build.

How do I use the best Diablo 4 Druid build?

Here’s how to play the best Diablo 4 Druid build:

  • Activate Trample to stun any nearby enemies and switch into Werebear form.
  • As the minions are stunned, cast Landslide to hurt everything nearby for the next three seconds.
  • Any leftover minions can be forced into action using Hurricane.
  • Over you’ve moved the minions using Hurricane, start the cycle up again with Trample.

A few choice talent clusters can offer respectable chances to make your whole rotation run more smoothly, with Earthen Might potentially restoring your entire spirit pool and causing all your attacks in a five-second window to critically strike. The build feels fantastic without it, but having Earthen Might join in on the fun ramps things up a notch.

When your game plan is running like clockwork, the Landslide Druid has players shapeshifting and conjuring hurricanes to knock waves of enemies into walls, capitalizing on the resulting stun to deliver swift death with Landslide. Your own personal Poison Creeper fills in between cooldowns while you look to top off your spirit bar with Earthen Spike.

A Druid is fighting skeletons in a dungeon, using the best Diablo 4 Druid build.

Best Spirit Bonds for the Landslide Druid build

Once you’re in a position to do so, you need to unlock Druid’s unique Spirit Bond system. By collecting Druidic Spirit Offerings as you defeat your enemies, you can spend them to unlock these essential boons:

  • Energize
  • Scythe Talons
  • Gift of the Stag
  • Obsidian Slam
  • Avian Wrath

Best Landslide Druid gems

Here are the best Landslide Druid gems:

  • Sapphires (weapons)
  • Rubies (armor)
  • Diamonds

Regardless of your level, knowing which gem type to stick in any available socket can go a long way in augmenting the Landslide Druid build.

By opting for sapphires in your weapons, you’ll build on top of the high critical hit rate of your talents with additional damage. Rubies in your armor will grant respectable HP benefits and, as always, diamonds in your rings and necklace will cover all bases with stacked elemental resistance.

Best Diablo 4 Druid build: A broad man in a stag skull helmet with two black wolves flanking him in a dark forest

Best Landslide Druid Aspects

Here are the best Landslide Druid Aspects:

  • Essential
    • Shockwave Aspect
  • Recommended
    • Aspect of Retaliation
    • Vasily’s Prayer

The Landslide Druid build is capable of running through the entire game, but you can take things to another level with the right Diablo 4 Aspects. Unlocked via the Diablo 4 dungeons, you can opt to clear only the ones that reward the below aspects to gather these passive boons relatively early into your adventure quickly.

Other noteworthy aspects include Aspect of the Trampled Earth, Insatiable Fury, and Stormshifter’s Aspect. They’re just a little lower down the food chain and can become redundant if you decide to move away from Earth and Werebear or Shapeshifting skills.

A list of Legendary nodes to help make the best Diablo 4 Druid build.

Best Landslide Druid stats, Glyphs, and Nodes

Separate from your talents and Spirit Bonds is the Paragon Board – another source of immeasurable power if handled correctly. It takes a while to fill out, but you’ll quickly reap the rewards as you go.

As you make your way through the Paragon board, grab the Legendary nodes from the Earthen Devastation and Survival Instincts sections, taking any Damage and Willpower nodes as you go. If you can make it before packing in and rolling another class, the Constricting Tendrils Legendary node is a good idea.

When comparing stats on gear, you want to focus on the raw DPS value of your weapons first and foremost. After that, Critical Strike Chance and Damage are a priority, with any additional ranks to Landslide and Trample being an added bonus.

If you would prefer to annihilate foes with a build that uses thunderstorms and the werewolf form, then this one from MrRonit might help, particularly if you are progressing through the pre-paragon levels. You can always respec into something else later on, provided you have enough money.

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Not at the level cap yet? That’s fine: the best Diablo 4 Druid build is the best for a reason. It works at any level, but you’ll want to read up on the Diablo 4 endgame, Diablo 4 loot system, and the best settings for Diablo 4 if it’s your first run. Beyond priming you for the equipment grind that separates you from the higher difficulty tiers, knowing the intricacies of the loot system can help you get there faster. You’re going to want to pay attention to Diablo 4 season 1 as the introduction of Malignant Hearts is going to drastically improve every build.