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Diablo 4’s most popular class isn’t what you expect

According to GM Rod Fergusson, of the five Diablo 4 classes one has reigned supreme, but it's probably not the one that you think it is.

A woman with black hair with red tips wearing a black halter neck leather armor with a tattoo painted in blood looks past the camera

When you first load up Diablo 4, you’re greeted with an eerie image of five people around a blazing campfire, sheltering from the howling gale that tears across Sanctuary. As with any good RPG game, these characters represent the five Diablo 4 classes, and your choice will change your adventure entirely. Of the Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorceress, one reigns supreme in Diablo 4 – but it’s maybe not the one you expect.

In a sneaky reveal from Diablo GM Rod Fergusson, it turns out Sanctuary’s spell-slinging Sorcerer tops the popularity charts at the moment.

“Pssst!” he whispers. “I didn’t ask for permission to share this but I thought you might be interested to know that right now, the number one most played class in #DiabloIV is the Sorcerer/Sorceress! But you didn’t hear it from me. In case someone from PR or Marketing asks…”

A screenshot of a tweet from Diablo GM Rod Fergusson discussing Sorceress being the most played class in Diablo 4

This may actually come as a slight surprise, as the Sorceress feels quite mid-tier depending on the build you’re running. Fireball Sorc, for example, looks amazing, but suffers from lengthy cooldowns that make farming and spamming out abilities in the early game quite difficult.

I’m happy, though, as I’m playing Sorceress on this playthrough – I miss my Diablo 4 review Rogue, though, I must admit. I’m running the Arc Lash Sorcerer, which is perfect for the Diablo 4 endgame, as well as the campaign. It’s powerful, it’s a mix of melee and ranged, and I absolutely recommend it if you fancy getting a little more up close and personal with Lilith’s minions instead of constantly being ranged.

But I’m aware there’s also that really cool moment in the trailer above when she casts Hydra and the huge, well, hydra, appears and obliterates waves of demons. I won’t lie, it looks pretty damn cool, and I can see why players would gravitate towards it.

If this has convinced you to sling spells and take names, check out our rundown of the best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build, as well as Blizzard’s favorite Diablo 4 builds – trust me when I say Sorc appears once or twice.