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Diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 buffs Nightmare Dungeon XP dramatically

Diablo 4 patch notes 1.2.3 are here, as Blizzard boosts Nightmare Dungeon Glyph XP dramatically to help you unlock the Abattoir of Zir.

Diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 buffs Nightmare Dungeon Paragon Glyph XP dramatically - A Barbarian with green streaks in a dark-haired ponytail in the Blizzard RPG game.

Diablo 4 patch notes 1.2.3 have arrived, and the big update coming on Tuesday, December 5 keeps things relatively brief while the new Abattoir of Zir endgame challenge arrives in the Blizzard RPG. However, there are still two very big, and very welcome, changes included – the first is a huge buff to Nightmare Dungeon Glyph XP encouraging you to climb to higher tiers, and the second is the long-awaited arrival of affix reroll previews.

Diablo 4 continues to go from strength to strength in its second season, overcoming a lackluster first season to reaffirm its place as one of the year’s best RPG games. Arriving in just a few days, the next Diablo 4 patch changes how quickly you’ll level up your Glyphs in the game’s Nightmare Dungeons, a very welcome boon as the new Abattoir of Zir drops to put your best Diablo 4 builds to the ultimate test.

With how much faster you level in the Season of Blood, you might have found yourself in a similar situation to me – with a character at level 100 but still needing to grind out a lot of Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons to finish leveling all the Glyphs needed to complete your Diablo 4 Paragon board. I’ve managed to hit level 15 on all my Glyphs – the first major milestone that increases their radius – but that cap of level 21 still feels a long way off.

Diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 - A Sorcerer completes a Nightmare Dungeon and levels up their Paragon Glyphs.

Fortunately, it’s about to get much, much faster. Blizzard says, “we recognized that completing higher Nightmare tiers was not as rewarding as we initially hoped for, with many players stopping their journey after reaching tier 50. The experience increase to Glyphs at higher Tiers was made with the intent of incentivizing players to push their builds, making their arrival at tier 100 feel that much more fulfilling.”

It should be indeed – you’ll now get a little more Glyph experience from tier 18 onwards, but it increases dramatically past the tier 50 mark. At 50, you’ll be getting around 30% more experience; by 75, that’s gone up to over 50% more; and at tier 100 it’s around a 64% increase. That’ll not only help you unlock the Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir, as maxing out Paragon Glyphs is a requirement to complete the season journey, but it’ll also just make your build a lot more prepared to take on this season’s ultimate test.

Also arriving with this patch is another huge quality-of-life upgrade. When rerolling gear affixes at the Occultist, you’ll now see a button that allows you to preview a full list of the possible affixes you can get. That’s a huge bonus already, meaning you won’t have to scour third-party sites to check what you can actually find on each type of item, but it’ll likely become even more important with itemization changes proposed for the future, which associate game director Joe Piepiora suggests might prevent certain affixes that don’t work together from showing up on the same item.

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Diablo 4 patch notes – update 1.2.3 – December 5, 2023

Here are the Diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 notes for the update on Tuesday, December 5, courtesy of Blizzard:

  • Battle legions of Zir’s minions and race against time in a new endgame pinnacle dungeon, Abattoir of Zir.
  • A full list of possible affixes can now be previewed in the Enchantment menu using the new View Possible Affixes button.
  • Earned Glyph experience from most Nightmare Tiers is increased.
    • Tiers 1-17: No change.
    • By tier 30: From 66 to 79.
    • By tier 50: From 106 to 139.
    • By tier 75: From 156 to 239.
    • By tier 100: From 206 to 339.

If you’re not sure what the best Diablo 4 classes to take on the Abattoir of Zir are, be sure to have a look through our tier list. We’ve also rounded up the best games like Diablo, in case you’ve had your fill of Blizzard’s epic for the time being.

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