Diablo 4 hotfix tries to make Season 3 event bonuses more exciting

A Diablo 4 hotfix for patch 1.3.1 boosts its Lunar Awakening bonuses to make sure they are “universally exciting and valuable” in Season 3.

Diablo 4 hotfix doubles Lunar Awakening bonuses - A sorcerer with dark hair and freckles in the Blizzard RPG.

A Diablo 4 hotfix is out now that dramatically boosts the rewards offered by the Lunar shrines and Ancestor’s Favor sigils in the Blizzard RPG’s ongoing limited-time event. The Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event introduces powerful new shrine variants, but they can feel a little less exciting once you’ve already earned all the event rewards. That should be rectified somewhat with this new update, and the team says it’s also working on a fix for players that are unable to redeem cosmetic items.

The Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event offers two major bonuses – Lunar shrines, which award more powerful effects than their base game equivalents along with a movement speed and experience bonus, and Ancestor’s Favor sigils, which create special Diablo 4 nightmare dungeons that boost your earned paragon glyph experience. The latter will stick around after the event finishes, so they’re well worth stocking up on if you’re looking to max out your characters in Blizzard’s hellish RPG game.

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Both the experience boost from Lunar shrines and the glyph experience from Ancestor’s Favor sigils have been doubled with this new Diablo 4 update today, which Blizzard says aims to ensure both “are universally exciting and valuable to the Lunar Awakening experience for players across all world tiers, well beyond the completion of earning all the cosmetic rewards Ying-Yue has to offer.”

In addition to this, community manager Adam Fletcher notes that a fix is coming for unredeemable cosmetics on alternate Diablo 4 classes. Players unable to redeem cosmetic rewards that are class specific without first creating a matching class should instead hold them in their stash, as a future update will allow them to be redeemed on any character.

Diablo 4 hotfix 2 - Adam Fletcher via Twitter: "A new hotfix hit for #DiabloIV this afternoon bumping up the Shrine XP boost and Glyph XP bonus on the Ancestors Favor Sigil for the Lunar Awakening Event. Separately, the team has a planned update in a future patch for those that can't redeem cosmetic rewards due to them being class specific thus forcing players to have to store them in their stash and create that class to redeem them. The future update will allow for people to just redeem them on any character. For now, just keep them in your stash."

Diablo 4 patch 1.3.1 hotfix 2 – Thursday February 8

Here are the Diablo 4 patch notes for update 1.3.1 hotfix 2, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment:

Lunar Shrine XP boost

  • Increased XP bonus per monster kill to 100% (from 50%).

Ancestor’s Favor sigil

  • Increased glyph XP bonus to 20% (from 10%).
  • Note: In-game text will still reference 10% until a future patch.

These changes should make finishing off your best Diablo 4 builds even faster, so be sure to jump on if you’re planning to take advantage. The Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event ends on Tuesday February 20, although as mentioned any collected Ancestor’s Favor sigils will remain in your possession to use as you please afterwards.

Otherwise, we’ve got the latest on when the Diablo 4 Season 4 release date is due, which is expected to bring big itemization changes that should hopefully more dramatically revamp the progression. Alternatively, there’s even more of the best games like Diablo to try out if you’re feeling like a break.

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