You can now own a very cute Diablo 4 goatman

If you have ever wanted to own your own Diablo 4 goatman, you can pick up a very small, very cuddly one on the Blizzard store - but that's not the only thing.

A goat creature with a huge axe attacks in a fight sitting on top of an army at nightfall

I love Diablo 4. I also love plushies. I also really, really like demons (to quote Powerwolf, they’re a girl’s best friend). So, the latest batch of merch – courtesy of the RPG game‘s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con – is absolutely perfect for me. However, if plushies of creepy goat creatures aren’t really you’re thing, there’s a whole slew of other Diablo 4-themed items to choose from.

If there’s one thing I have far too many of, it’s plushies. I have an adorable Lamb from Cult of the Lamb, every ghost Pokemon under the sun and now, I have a Diablo 4 goatman – thankfully not one of the very deceased ones we came across during our visit to the Diablo 4 chocolate shop.

Released as part of Blizzard’s San Diego Comic-Con merch, the adorable little fluffy demon retails for $30 / £30, and is available on both the US and UK Blizzard merch stores. Apparently, it stands at an adorable 8.5 inches small, and comes complete with a protective mesh bag. It looks kind of like it’s being carried around by a loot goblin in it’s sack, and I am living for it.

A cute plush of a goat creature with a pentagram carved into its head on a white background

This cheeky little dude isn’t the only thing to get excited about, though. If you’re an avid collector there’s a stunning replica of Rathma’s key to hell, which, well, to avoid spoilers just take my word when I say it’s pretty important. That’s on sale for $35 / £40, alongside a new hoodie, t-shirt, and snapback.

While all of the items are still in stock at the time of writing, I can imagine they may start to sell out pretty soon. So, if you’re looking to add a demonic goat to your bedroom setup, I advise you act fast. After all, I’m sure he only brings good dreams – maybe.

If you would rather slay the goatmen instead of cuddle them how dare you – I mean, we have a list of the best Diablo 4 builds to help you tear the hordes asunder. We also have a rundown of the all-new Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts which have dropped during Diablo 4 Season 1, which will also help you slay Lilith’s minions in style.