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Diablo 4 ‘server slam’ saves us waiting any longer for Lilith

Blizzard unveils dates for a new Diablo 4 beta, letting players get hands-on with the upcoming grimdark fantasy RPG game ahead of its launch in June.

Diablo 4 beta - Vani, a middle-aged woman in a skullcap, opens her eyes wide in a gleeful trance as she falls under Lilith's spell

Praise Lilith, a new Diablo 4 beta is coming – if not quite in name. That’s right; your wait to leap back into the Blizzard’s upcoming fantasy RPG game just got dramatically cut back as the team announces a Diablo 4 ‘server slam’ to help keep you sated until Lilith’s full arrival in June.

The announcement came during a Diablo 4 developer update livestream featuring game director Joe Shely, associate director Joseph Piepiora, community manager Adam Fletcher, and Diablo YouTuber and Twitch streamer CJ ‘Rhykker’ Miozzi.

The Diablo 4 server slam event is May 12-14. Fletcher encourages as many players as possible to hop on, because the team wants this weekend to function as a stress test and push the Blizzard game to its player count limits. “Come slam our servers,” Shely reiterates with a laugh.

Diablo 4 server slam - graphic showing all the features included in the upcoming test on May 12-14

This new test will also give you more of a glimpse at what to expect from the release game’s loot drop rates, as it won’t feature the inflated drop chances seen in the previous two public beta weekends.

World boss Ashava will spawn starting on May 13 at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST, and then every three hours afterwards until May 14 at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST. Manage to take the world boss down while at level 20, and you’ll earn yourself an Ashava mount trophy to put on your horse in the full game.

You’ll also have the chance to earn the same Diablo 4 beta rewards from the previous public beta, including two unique player titles and the adorable Beta Pup Wolf Pack.

Diablo 4 server slam - image of Lilith next to text dating the May 12-14 server stress test event

Make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming server stress test, and of course the full Diablo 4 release date, by ensuring your PC matches up to the Diablo 4 system requirements. You’ll also want to read up on the first Diablo 4 patch notes to see exactly what changes Blizzard is making following its first round of public tests.