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Hellish Diablo 4 launch PC specs include Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU

Blizzard just dropped launch day Diablo 4 PC specs, and you'll apparently need a fresh GPU like the Nvidia RTX 4070 to enable 4K ultra settings.

Diablo 4 character holding glowing Nvidia RTX 4000 and AMD Radeon graphics cards in hands

Blizzard has revealed final Diablo 4 PC specs, and you’ll need a shiny new GPU to enable 4K ultra settings. While you can apparently get away with using a graphics card like the RTX 3080 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, the developer makes a point of mentioning RTX 4000 and DLSS 3.

Traditional Diablo 4 system requirements have been available for a while now, and there’s nothing particularly unholy about the specs list. In fact, recommendations originally included the Nvidia GTX 970 – a mid-range GPU that arrived back in 2014. Sadly, it turns out those recommended PC specs were “medium” demons in disguise, and you’ll need a much beefier rig to run the game at 1080p 60fps with higher settings enabled.

In a new blog post, Blizzard lists Diablo 4 ‘launch system requirements for PC’ that are split up into four categories. As mentioned above, recommended specs now specifically relate to 1080p 60fps with medium settings applied, while the parts listed under ‘minimum’ will only churn out 720p 30fps with everything cranked down low.

Screenshot of Diablo 4 high and 4K ultra specs

The other two categories target high and ultra 4K gameplay, and both are demanding in their own way. The former build suggestion advises pairing an Nvidia RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT with 16GB RAM, and a CPU like the Intel Core i7-8700K just to hit 1080p 60fps with high settings. I wouldn’t say that specific list is entirely unreasonable, but it feels like that particular collection of parts should be able to at least facilitate 1440p without much compromise.

That said, it feels appropriate to call Diablo 4 ultra 4K specs hellish, especially since they mention the words RTX 40-series. Sure, Blizzard notes that you’ll want to use a card like the Nvidia RTX 4070 if you’re looking to use Nvidia DLSS 3 tools like Frame Generation, but you’re still going to need an expensive GPU to avoid caveats while playing at UHD resolution.

If you’re already rocking GPU like the one featured in our Nvidia RTX 4090 review, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. After all, if you want to play with higher settings enabled, you’ll want to use one of the options on our best graphics card list. The real issue perhaps lies when you compare the potential PS5 experience to that on PC, as the console should be able to run the RPG at 4K 60fps.

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Simply put, you’ll struggle to build a system that can match the new Diablo 4 specs for the same price as a PS5. You could say that’s merely a sign of the times, as the PC gaming hardware scene is more complicated and costly than ever.

However, if and when cheaper cards like the Nvidia RTX 4060 roll into town, AI upscaling tools could help lower the high bar that’s consistently attached to the best new PC games. Whether that’s a true solution is a different debate entirely, but we’re still eager to see how features like Frame Generation and AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames change the way we play.

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