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Best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight builds

If you're looking for the best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight builds you've come to the right place, as we asked Blizzard what abilities and skills are the best.

Best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight builds: A woman with white long hair wearing red and black armor with glowing red eyes holds a polearm in her hand standing on a black and red background

What are the best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight builds? Enticed by the allure of commanding lifeforce itself? Then I suggest checking out the Blood Knight, a mid-range skirmisher that brandishes a particularly nasty polearm against Skarn’s omnipresent legions.

While Diablo 4’s release has somewhat overshadowed Diablo Immortal‘s anniversary update, the RPG game is still going very, very strong. The Blood Knight is a testament to that, unleashing a never-seen-before class upon the nightmares that plague Sanctuary and, primarily, Westmarch. If you, like me, like to give yourself the best shot you can by locking in one of the best Diablo Immortal builds, we have all of the abilities you’ll need to master the Blood Knight.

What is the Diablo Immortal Blood Knight?

The Diablo Immortal Blood Knight is a mid-range bruiser class that has good mobility and hits hard and fast.

In an exclusive interview with PCGamesN, lead UX designer Chris Liao told us that, given the Blood Knight is “a melee hybrid class, that means there’s still going to be tons of up-close combat. They use a spear to cleave and skewer enemies that are right in front of them, but when it comes to how they can use their ranged abilities they have tons of skills that can drain the life of their opponents, and tons of shadow abilities that can crowd control enemies and cause them to lose their vision.”

The Blood Knight also “has the ability to transform into blood and move really quickly, so there’s tons of different ways to either control the battlefield or close the gap with enemies.”

While this may sound similar to the Necromancer (especially the Diablo 4 Necromancer‘s Blood Wave), Liao tells PCGamesN that the Blood Knight “plays completely differently. Where the Necromancer is a slow caster that likes to stay in the back with a bunch of minions protecting them, the Blood Knight wants to get up in your face.”

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Best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build

In order to craft the best Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build, you’ll need to combine gems, gear sets, attributes, and skills. While we haven’t been able to test the Blood Knight yet, we have a list of all of their known skills below, as well as Liao and senior narrative designer Ryan Quinn’s personal favorite builds.

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Skills

  • Shadow’s Edge: a primary attack that either performs a slash or throws a dagger.
  • Swarm of Bats: summons a cloud of bats to deal damage and move on command.
  • Siphon Blood: steals health from enemies all around.
  • Abomination: kills enemies and absorbs their blood to become more powerful, adding Blood Rush and Shattering Fist skills.
  • Skewer: impales a foe and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Mephitic Cloud: shadowy mists cause enemies’ vision to be blurred.
  • Sagnuinate: allows you to dash through enemies

A pale man with white hair and glowing red eyes stands in shadows dressed in red and silver spiked armor with a polearm on his back

Chris Liao’s favorite build (lead UX designer)

Chris, like me, loves to drain the life from his enemies on the battlefield, and his favorite Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build uses Swarm of Bats and Sanguinate to do just that.

“There is a version of the Blood Knight where you equip a few different legendary essences that augment your abilities. The first is an ability called Swarm of Bats where you summon a cloud that you can then command to move wherever you want; that cloud will continuously damage enemies. This essence instead changes it to become an aura around you, and it also drains life.

“So what you do,” he says with a wry smile, “is you turn on a bunch of your AoE abilities, and you rush through enemies with Sanguinate, which is [the Blood Knight’s] dash ability. You just continually suck the life out of all of your enemies and just move on from pack to pack without any downtime – it’s pretty sweet!”

A man with long white hair crosses a huge sword and curved knife across his chest as his fact corrupts on the right and eyes glow red standing in front of a stained

Ryan Quinn’s favourite build (senior narrative designer)

Ryan’s favorite build is similar to Chris’, with a focus on becoming invulnerable and tearing hordes of enemies asunder. “There’s a Legendary called Solemn Snare which is a pair of shoulders, and it surrounds you with this bloody, shadowy tornado of bats and makes you unstoppable.

“I am less about stacking crazy damage than I am about not dying, so whenever I get swarmed because I’ve gotten myself in over my head just using that ability and then weaving my way out of combat gets around one of the challenges of the class, which is high mobility.”

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight PvP build

When it comes to Diablo Immortal Blood Knight PvP builds, Liao promises PCGamesN that “enemies might think twice about approaching the Blood Knight in PvP because they have tons of sustain in melee combat, and they have ways to control the battlefield. They’re going to be pretty terrifying!”

Given the high level of sustain, balanced with sheer melee prowess and tactical ranged abilities, the Blood Knight will likely end up at the top end of the Diablo Immortal tier list. They’ll be able to match squishy Wizards, Necromancers, and Demon Hunters, while having enough mobility to escape a beating from the Barbarian or Crusader.

I do think the Monk may pose a bit more trouble for them, given their ability to dart in and out, but maybe that’s just my own Monk bias coming through.

A demonic creature stands in front of a blood red window with a knife and sword crossed over its chest glaring into the camera with red eyes

If the Blood Knight has you intrigued, be sure to check out our list of the best Diablo Immortal Legendary gems to ensure that your new character is up to scratch. In the meantime, though, I suggest checking out all of the Diablo 4 classes if you haven’t yet – after all, there’s a whole new world of woe just waiting for you to explore it.