Diablo Immortal PvP immunity hacks seem to be ruining games

Some players are reporting what appear to be Diablo Immortal PvP immunity hacks, making players nearly impossible to kill in the RPG game’s multiplayer mode

Diablo Immortal PvP hacks - a reddish-brown haired male necromancer

If you’re playing Diablo Immortal PvP, keep a close eye out – some players are reporting the appearance of what looks to be immunity hacks keeping their opponents from dying. Some people taking part in the RPG game’s PvP modes have run into players that appear to take minimal or no damage from their attacks, meaning that they become almost impossible to kill.

A video posted to the Diablo Immortal subreddit appears to show such an incident taking place. In the clip, a team of four players in a party together are shown trying to attack an enemy player who is wandering around the map. However, only a limited number of their attacks seem to damage the opponent, and they are unable to kill them as they pop heals through the attacks. Ultimately, the situation is only resolved once the troublesome player appears to give up and go AFK, allowing the squad to finally finish them off.

Several comments report running into similar issues. One says that a monk player on their server also took advantage of similar methods, but was kicked from their immortal clan afterwards for doing so. Others query whether connection or lag issues could be at fault, but the enemy character appears to walk in deliberate directions without being affected by any stuns, which suggests that this isn’t down to latency.

This isn’t the first report of such an issue, with many previous examples including Maxroll contributor and notable Diablo community member Wudijo running into a player on his team who appeared to be attacking at a vastly increased rate not long after the game’s initial launch. Needless to say, be careful out there if you’re getting involved in the Diablo Immortal Shadow War and the Rite of Exile, or taking part in Battlegrounds PvP.

Hopefully, Blizzard addresses reported players and takes the appropriate action quickly. It remains to be seen whether anything will be done to ensure that these exploits are prevented in the long term, however.

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