Diablo Immortal release time: Here’s when you can play on PC

The Diablo Immortal release time will vary by territory, but the RPG game's PC beta will start at the same time as the mobile launch

Diablo Immortal release time: An axe-wielding barbarian battles a purple winged demon on a snowy mountaintop

The Diablo Immortal release time is just about upon us. The action RPG game was initially planned as a mobile-only entry in the venerable Diablo series, but Blizzard announced in April that a PC open beta was coming, too – and that it would launch alongside the mobile version.

Now that the Diablo Immortal release date is nigh, Blizzard has announced the global launch times as well. Due to the way mobile games are published and made available on various platforms’ marketplaces, some users are already able to play on their phones. Most, however, will see it arrive at some point on June 2, although for certain time zones in Asia and Australia, that’ll translate to June 3.

You can preload Diablo Immortal now, however. On PC, you’ll find it in the Battle.net app. You’ll probably see a splash screen pop up when you launch the app that takes you directly to the Diablo Immortal page, but if that doesn’t happen for some reason, select the ‘Games’ tab, then find the Diablo Immortal tile, and click the install button.

Diablo Immortal release time

The Diablo Immortal release time is set for June 2 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST. That works out to be June 3 at 2am KST / 3am AEST, if you live in the Seoul or Sydney time zones.

Several territories in Asia will have to wait a couple more weeks to play Diablo Immortal. These include Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Players in these regions will be able to play Diablo Immortal beginning on June 22 (PDT).

The PC beta for Diablo Immortal features three distinct control schemes, including a new WASD interface. While there are microtransactions available in the free-to-play game, Blizzard has told us that they do not “circumvent core gameplay” and that the entirety of the game is available for free.