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Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls is the RPG’s “biggest update ever”

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls takes us to a new region in Mount Arreat, with new bosses, modes, familiars, and plenty of delicious loot.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update - A four-horned demon reaches out its many hands towards you, beckoning you into the next DI expansion.

Diablo Immortal might have taken a backseat in many PC players’ minds following the launch of Diablo 4, but the crossover RPG game still holds appeal for plenty due to being both free to play and available on mobile devices. Now, Blizzard is preparing to launch the game’s “biggest update ever,” as Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls is set for release just in time for the holiday season.

Following the launch of the Diablo Immortal Blood Knight, an entirely new class for the storied series that boats some of the best RPG games in history, our next journey is set to take us to one of its most iconic settings. In Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls, we’ll travel to Mount Arreat, built by Inarius as a protective shell surrounding the Worldstone and one of the key locations from the Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction expansion.

Unfortunately, the shattering of the Worldstone has reduced Mount Arreat to debris, meaning that the region we’ll actually be exploring is a new one strewn with the scattered remnants of the mountain and the Worldstone. The latter has also twisted the land itself, resulting in a suitably horrifying environment – the Southern Dreadlands.

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Along with this new area is everything you’d expect from a big Diablo Immortal update and more – that means new zone bosses and Helliquary bosses to fight, so you’ll need to bring your best Diablo Immortal builds with you. Setting out with good gear is just the beginning, however; as Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson notes, “It’s always about the loot.”

Scott Burgess, lead designer on Diablo Immortal, says you can also expect “new modes to expand on the PvE gameplay,” and adds, “we will be adding something very, very familiar.” That, of course, means the introduction of familiars – new battle companions who you can collect and evolve as they join you in combat.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls familiars - Three battle companions introduced with the new expansion in December 2023.

There’ll also be plenty more cosmetics up for grabs, of course, with a new battle pass and new items added to the Diablo Immortal Phantom Market. Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls launches in mid December.

Until then, check in on how our Diablo Immortal tier list is looking if you’re deciding what class to play. Have a look through the best games like Diablo for more ways to grab that sweet loot, and browse the best free PC games for more ways to play that won’t break the bank.

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