Division 2 NinjaBike Messenger Exotic kneepads guide

NinjaBike returns to Division 2 in the form of some mobility-boosting kneepads

Ninjabike messenger kneepads in Division 2

The Division 2 NinjaBike Messenger Exotic kneepads are a nod to an Exotic backpack from the first Division game, but work very, very differently. The new kneepads are one of eight new Division 2 Exotics coming to the game as part of the massive Warlords of New York expansion. We’ve already detailed how to get your hands on the Lady Death Exotic SMG and the Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic backpack, so now we’re turning our attention to some parkour-inspired kneepads.

The description on this new set of kneepads reads, “Parkour! Parkour!”, so don’t expect to learn much more about the mystical NinjaBike messenger from this new Exotic gear piece. At the level 40 drop that’s been reported by player Mr. Commendation, these kneepads boast roughly 99K armor and a talent that will help players that like to shift from cover to cover consistently.

Join us as we look through the talents and stats, as well as how to find this new Exotic gear piece when you’re out and about looting and battling through Washington, D.C. or the new Lower Manhattan area.

Division 2 Ninja Messenger kneepads talent

These kneepads only come with one talent, but it’s a unique talent that can provide a helpful buff to LMG users, bolt-action snipers, or shotgun users.


  • Performing a cover to cover or vaulting reloads your drawn weapon.

How to get the Division 2 Ninja Messenger kneepads

We only have one reported find of these kneepads from Mr. Commendation, who says the item was extracted from the Dark Zone. You can check out his image of the kneepads in the section above.