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Get ripped like the Doomguy with this guide from Bethesda

A personal trainer shares some top tips for getting into demon-ripping shape.

The Doomguy – er, sorry, the Doom Slayer – has got to be strong. Not only does he routinely crush imp heads in his bare hands, he’s also carting around 10 very large weapons and ammo at any given time. With Doom Eternal on the horizon, Bethesda has teamed up with a personal trainer to create an intro to getting ripped like our favorite BFG-toting exorcist.

In a series of blog posts called “Ripped & Tear,” Bethesda content manager Parker Wilhelm talks about fitness with trainer Phillip Durity. The posts look at various aspects of the Doom Slayer lifestyle, and then point out exercises you can do, with or without gym equipment, to isolate the associated muscle groups.

So, for example, one pair of posts looks at the latissimus dorsi, or ‘lats.’ This muscle covers the lower back, and as Ripped & Tear #2A points out, it’s the lats that do much of the work when you’re climbing – say, up over a Martian ledge in order to hurl yourself toward a hapless group of demonically-possessed UAC employees.

Durity suggests using barbell rows, pull-ups, and lat pulldowns in order to target that muscle, and provides a couple pointers on how to perform each exercise correctly.

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Ripped & Tear looks like it’ll be an ongoing series, and each post is accompanied by the sensible disclaimer that advises readers to consult with their physician before taking on any new exercise regime. I’d add to that the warning that the moves portrayed in Doom are being done by professionals, and you should not attempt them at home – even if it is infested with demons.

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So far, Ripped & Tear has covered two major muscle groups. Start with the first one to really start doing some… quad damage. We’re hoping to see Doom Eternal out sometime this year.