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This Doom mod is Pac-Man - meets Portal and Resident Evil?

There's a new Doom mod that essentially turns the classic FPS into Pac-Man, but also throws in a dash of Resident Evil and Portal in there because why not

The Cacodemon hunts the Doomguy in this Doom Pac-Man mod

There’s a new Doom mod out that basically turns the iconic FPS game into the even-more iconic Pac-Man arcade game, complete with familiar trappings like pellets and mazes – but also Portal test chambers and a Resident Evil-like mansion, too? We love the Doom modding community.

One of the greatest things about the Doom community is when modders attempt to replicate other classic games within the archetypal FPS. In the past we’ve seen recreations of Wario Land, Golden Axe, and even Mortal Kombat.

Now it’s the turn of Pac-Man. The latest update for the cunningly titled Pac-Man Doom mod is available now with a “myriad” of fixes, and it should be “the last version before the final update, which is projected for the end of August” according to modder Peccatum Mihzamiz. The update temporarily pushed Pac-Man Doom to the 50th most popular mod on ModDB this week, which is a huge achievement – it’s out of around 50,000.

The goal is to defeat enemies Doom-like but also collect floating pac-pellets and power-ups in a maze-like environment – something Doom does very well (have you played ‘Hunted’ from Final Doom?). The mod contains twelve maps from different creators with a variety of themes, including levels inspired by Portal and Resident Evil. Go check it out now, you’ll see what we mean.

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