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This mod overhauls Doom 64 into a Doom Eternal story FPS

A new Doom mod for the PC release of Doom 64 remastered is a total overhaul and remaster of the FPS game into something more Doom Eternal or 2016

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A Doom mod two years in the making is now complete, and it overhauls 2019’s Doom 64 PC remaster into more of a story-driven FPS game along the lines of Doom Eternal or 2016 – featuring new levels, cutscenes, secrets, remastered graphics, and more than double the number of songs on the soundtrack.

While it might be a push to call Doom Eternal “story-driven” compared to the likes of Half-Life or Far Cry, the recent games certainly have way more of a plot than the ’90s ones. Doom 64, in particular, had a bit of a story but it didn’t really come through in-game between blasting demons in the dark.

Doom 64 Reloaded is a mod that changes this to make it a little more in line with Eternal-style storytelling, and you can pick it up over at Doomworld. It patches the official release of Doom 64 and completely overhauls it, which becomes apparent the moment you start the game and are confronted with a new opening cutscene and an extended first level with jumpscares.

The number of levels has been expanded from 39 to 48, with new secret levels and seven extra deathmatch maps on top of that. The soundtrack is boosted from 24 tracks to 52 – “no level repeats a track,” as modder Immorpher says on the forum. Even the graphics have been boosted with additional details.

While Doom 64 Reloaded was released previously for the unofficial port of the game – as in, the emulated version – this appears to be an enhanced and remastered version of the mod, and the first time it’s been made available for the official release of Doom 64. I know what I’m playing tonight.

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