This Dota 2 mod turns it into a PvP roguelike game

It's currently in early alpha

Many Dota 2 mods take it far and away from the MOBA game that plenty of people know it as. Despite being a chess-focused spin on card battlers, Auto Chess started life as a fan project created within Dota 2. That said, it’s getting a MOBA spin-off, so perhaps everything is coming full circle after all.

Anyway, the latest Dota-related project to catch our eye is a mod called Atomic War. This one turns Dota 2 into a PvP roguelike game where you snap up heroes, equipment, and spells to build your strongest squad to fight against others. It’s also sitting on a five-star rating after 1,574 votes.

Atomic War is currently in alpha testing, so you may experience some oddities while you play it. Developer Atomic Nucleus Studio explains that matchmaking might be difficult, so you may want to find rooms in the lobby list by using the filter world ‘Atomic’. It may save you having to wait for too long. The developer further explains that bots are automatically added if you start the game on your lonesome. If you’re new to the mod, it may be a wise idea to start with your robo pals as you learn the ropes.

Elsewhere in Dota land, the MOBA has got a new hero called Dawnbreaker. She’s a celestial warrior who wields a big ol’ magic hammer she can bop her foes over the noggin with – basically, she’s Lady Thor.

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