Dota 2’s Windranger just got nerfed

A pair of Dota 2 patches has made it a bit harder for Windranger to use her ultimate ability, focus fire, against heroes who use illusions

Dota 2 Windranger nerf: Windranger sits on a fallen tree as blue butterflies alight on her extended hand

The latest pair of Dota 2 updates is a bit of bad news for Windranger mains. The updates change the way Windranger’s auto-targeting logic works so that it’s broken when an enemy hero uses illusions – forcing Windranger to re-select her target during her ult in the popular MOBA game.

The first patch, which came out June 28, made the change explained above. When illusions spawned, Windranger’s focus fire auto-targeting was disabled, and Windranger would have to select her target again for her ability to once again target the enemy she was using her ult against.

That patch led to some dismay among Windranger mains on the Dota 2 subreddit, but it was followed by a slight adjustment in a hotfix that rolled out June 29. This update tweaks the logic so that when Windranger uses focus fire, “the focus fired unit is prioritised for target selection in all cases, even when illusions are created.”

The June 29 hotfix also made the following change: “During Windranger’s Focus Fire, after stopping / holding, it is possible to target a different target than the focus fired unit if directly clicked on.”

This will mean Windranger players will need to be extra careful about using their ults against illusion-using heroes like Phantom Lancer, and Manta Style armour will also be a potential problem for her ultimate.