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Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Heel of History guide

Learn how to complete The Heel of History quest in Dragon's Dogma 2 by helping Kendrick find Malcolm, and the rewards you'll get for it.

The Arisen is standing outside a crumpled tower from Dragon's Dogma 2 The Heel of History quest.

How do you find Malcolm in Dragon’s Dogma 2? If you’ve stealthed your way into Vermund’s dungeons to seek out the magistrate, you’ll already know he’s surprisingly uninterested in escaping with you. That is unless you can find a library for him to call home. The ever-helpful Captain Brant will then point you in the direction of a fellow called Kendrick, but he’s less interested in helping you locate a massive archive and more set on finding a missing boy called Malcolm.

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 main quest, you’ll need to gather information from the children in the local area before you can explore some nearby ruins. Like most derelict places in RPG games, this is filled with bats, rats, and spiders, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. However, if you want to complete The Caged Magistrate quest, you’ll first need to finish this one. We’ve got the step-by-step instructions for how to complete The Heel of History below.

This guide contains spoilers for The Heel of History quest, including relevant story context.

A young girl is talking to the Arisen inside a temple during Dragon's Dogma 2 The Heel of History quest.

How to complete Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Heel of History quest

Your first job is to find a child who knows Malcolm’s whereabouts. When you talk to the local kids, most will be oddly vague about where he might have gotten to. You’ll find Aimee inside a nearby chapel, who finally spills the beans and tells you Malcolm delved into the old vaults. Return to Kendrick, and he’ll guide you to the nearby crumpled tower and open the way.

Descend into the catacombs and follow the path around, making sure to kill any enemies along the way. You will eventually find a door that is barred from the other side. Not to worry, though – just follow the only available path to find Malcolm in no time.

The Arisen has found a huge archive in Dragon's Dogma 2 The Heel of History.

He’ll then claim he’s uncovered a massive archive of books and tomes. Follow him there, watching out for spiders along the way, and you’ll soon find his discovered stash. Kendrick will ask that you only let trusted individuals know of the archive. He’ll also reward you with a Panacea potion and 3,000 gold as thanks for finding Malcolm.

Now that you’ve finished The Heel of History, you’ll be able to take on another of Captain Brant’s missions, including an investigation of Disa’s Plot and some Dragon’s Dogma 2 Monster Culling quests, before you can foil the queen regent’s plans for good.