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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Monster Culling quest guide

The locations for the three Dragon's Dogma 2 Monster Culling hunts, and tips on how to save all the townsfolk from their assailants.

The Arisen and his pawns are fighting against goblins in a forest during the Dragon's Dogma 2 Monster Culling quest.

How do you complete the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Monster Culling quest? To gain the people of Vernworth’s favor, Captain Brant has a request that you rescue a handful of them from dangerous predicaments. It requires you to investigate three areas across the region where he has had reports of monsters terrorizing the local townsfolk.

On the plus side, Monster Culling is a relatively simple Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest to complete when you find the beasts in question. However, Captain Brant’s waypoints only give you a rough idea of where the enemies are rather than a precise location. This request may take a while to complete as the Dragon’s Dogma 2 map is huge. That said, we can help you with some tips on where to find the monsters you need to defeat and what you get for your troubles.

This guide contains spoilers for the Monster Culling quest.

A map showing two of the three locations for the Dragon's Dogma 2 Monster Culling quest.

How to complete Dragon’s Dogma 2 Monster Culling quest

Captain Brant will give you three locations to check out. Make sure you go into the map screen and press the Quest List button. You can then highlight the Monster Culling quest and press the button to set it as your priority quest. This will help you keep track of where you’ve been and where you still need to go.

The first of these is close to the second bridge on the eastern edge of Vermund, where a group of soldiers delivering freight were last spotted. When you make it here, you’ll see the convoy being attacked by a pack of wolves. You only need to kill these enemies to rescue them, but make sure you talk to the soldier leading it to finish this part of the quest. We recommend doing this one first, as it’s a bit out of the way. Return to Vernworth afterward and rest up either at the inn or your house if you’ve got one.

The second objective we’re going to tackle is Trevo Mine. You can find this between northwest and west of Vernworth. If you are trying to unlock the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer or Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warrior vocations, grab the quest from Vernworth’s guild leader, as the goblins who pilfered their weapons are in the same cave. You’re in the right place when you see a cave buried inside a crag. Tons of goblins make their home here, so venture through the cave and kill all of them to satisfy this part of the quest.

The Arisen is standing close to the entrance to Stormwind Cave, one of the Dragon's Dogma 2 Monster Culling locations.

Finally, Brant will ask you to rescue some soldiers investigating a cavern near Harve Village in the southwest of the region. We recommend taking this on last, as the goblin cave is en route, and you should train a bit first. This is because Harve Village has a cavern infested with saurians that you must eliminate to rescue the soldiers there.

Exit Vernworth via the bridge to the west and continue along the path until you hit some crossroads heading south. Eventually, you’ll arrive at Harve Village. Head to the beach near the Portstone to find a cave with a guard outside.

Known as Stormwind Cave, this area has many formidable saurians but is also filled with treasure, so be sure to plunder all you can. You’ll rescue a handful of soldiers along the way, but one will be injured and need an escort to the entrance. You can take advantage of the shortcut straight ahead to escape the cave quickly. Once you’re outside, you can use the Ferrystone you get from this cave to teleport back to Vernworth’s Portstone.

Reporting back to Captain Brant at night in the inn will give you the Expeditioner’s Cloak and 7,000 gold. This is just the first of many requests that he will ask you to complete in the RPG game, with two other early quests: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Disa’s Plot and Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate, which ask you to uncover a conspiracy and free a prisoner, respectively.