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Dragon’s Dogma 2 will let you travel with influencer NPCs

Dragon's Dogma 2 is introducing influencer pawns, so you can bring streamer and content creator NPCs into your game to fight alongside you.

Dragon's Dogma 2 influencer pawns:

Dragon’s Dogma 2 will let you fight alongside streamers who have been turned into companion NPCs in the form of influencer pawns. So if you want to travel alongside more than just your creations or those of random people on the internet, these influencer pawns might just give you an edge.

If you’re new to Capcom’s action RPG game, pawns might seem a little confusing. They’re basically Dragon’s Dogma 2’s version of AI party companions, but they’re soulless and without a will of their own. They’re created by an Arisen (that’s you) and follow you around, helping you on your adventure when the Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date arrives.

Dragon’s Dogma, and the sequel by extension, lets you hire pawns created by other players in the game, which you may have already done in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creator demo, and if not you can jump in now and get ready for launch.

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Capcom has added what it calls Dragon’s Dogma 2 official pawns to the sequel, and these are based on influencers and content creators, like ‘MissMikkaa,’ who went viral for playing two copies of Elden Ring at the same time. You’ll be able to hire these pawns, some of which may be available for a limited time, at no Rift Crystal cost up to level ten. I’m certain these influencer pawns will come in useful during the early hours of the game, and we could very well see Capcom add better pawns down the line too.

Keep in mind that some of the official pawns on the list are only going to be available on certain platforms and that they won’t be available for some features like daily and overall rankings.

If you just can’t wait for Capcom’s next game, we’ve got all you need to know about the Dragon’s Dogma 2 map alongside all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocations ahead of time.

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