Elden Ring streamer is so good she’s beating two copies at once

Elden Ring streamer MissMikkaa plays the open-world FromSoftware RPG on two copies of the game simultaneously, beating bosses with a controller and dance pad

Elden Ring streamer plays game twice - boss Margit, with another copy of him peeking over his shoulder

Watching a top Elden Ring streamer at work is both an entertaining and humbling experience. Taking down the biggest Elden Ring bosses can make you feel like a gaming god – until you see Twitch streamer ‘MissMikkaa’ defeat the game’s dastardly demigods in two versions of the game simultaneously. In an astonishing display of skill, she’s attempting to beat two versions of the mammoth FromSoftware RPG game at once with a combination of controller and dance pad – and succeeding.

You read that right; not content with simply defeating all the bosses with just one hand without ever leveling up, or completing a similar feat (feet?) while playing with a dance pad at level one, Swedish streamer MissMikkaa decided to put her Elden Ring skills to the ultimate test. She’s currently attempting to beat two copies of Elden Ring simultaneously – playing with controller on a PlayStation 5, and dance pad on a PC.

As if that wasn’t tough enough, MissMikkaa has added an extra restriction – she must defeat bosses on the same try on both games for the victory to count. This has led to several heartbreaking moments where one fight was all but done, only for a slip-up on the other screen to bring an end to the current attempt.

Nevertheless, she’s proven successful – having already taken down some of the game’s first major bosses such as Margit, The Fell Omen and what will likely be most player’s first defeated Demigod, Godrick the Grafted. We can only imagine the concentration required – trying to split your attention between two fights results in something far more than twice as hard as either one individually. Luckily, her Great Stars great hammer bleed build has proven very handy so far.

MissMikkaa says that the challenge was inspired by Elden Ring nabbing the top award at The Game Awards 2022, which also saw the reveal of the next game from FromSoftware, as it returns to its mech roots with Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. MissMikkaa adds that the run so far has been “really hard” but called her Margit kill after several hours of attempts “very satisfying,” laughing about her PC character absent-mindedly wandering off the arena to its death after her victory.

Watch MissMikkaa take down Margit and Godrick below:

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Whether this inspires you to attempt a similar feat, or you’re just trying to beat the game on one copy like a normal person, you’ll want to make sure you’re rocking one of the best Elden Ring builds. Following the game’s big wins at The Game Awards, FromSoftware head Hidetaka Miyazaki gave us an Elden Ring DLC tease, saying that there are “several more things” planned for the game’s future.