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Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps explained

Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps allows you to earn some valuable rewards for your in-game photography skills, so get that shutter finger ready.

How DreamSnaps works: a pink haired player characters takes a selfie with Vanellope Von Schweetz in Dramlight Valley.

What is Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps? The photo feature is an online contest, encouraging you to put your best pics first, and if your photography (and decorating) skills are better than everyone else’s, there could be some sweet rewards in it for you.

The first Dreamlight Valley multiplayer feature marked the finish line in our wait for Vanellope Von Schweetz, as the candy racer arrived in the valley in the DreamSnaps update. What’s more, if you want the Wreck it Ralph princess to join the other Dreamlight Valley characters, you must first get to grips with your in-game phone and test out the DreamSnaps mechanic. Long after Vanellope settles into the valley though, the DreamSnaps feature will endure, and there will be lots of opportunities for you to win some valuable rewards for your photographic eye.

The in-game rundown of how Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps works in three steps.

What is Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps?

DreamSnaps encourages you to take photos inside Dreamlight Valley, and submit them in an online contest. You can vote on your favorite (presumably not your own), and the winner gets a hefty reward!

Just some of the rewards that have been suggested so far include Moonstones, furniture, and other items. The great news is that you even earn Moonstones just for voting, so you can benefit even if you aren’t ready to get snap happy just yet. You also earn a specific ‘currency’ for that challenge, the first of which is Pixel Dust in celebration of Vanellope’s arrival. The more Pixel Dust you earn, the more rewards you collect!

Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps: The filter screen in the furniture menu showing a selection of item traits.

DreamSnaps requirements

In order to stand a chance against the competition, you must meet the requirements of the current challenge. By heading to the ‘Event’ tab in the main menu, you can see which tags are associated with the current challenge: for example, ‘Elegant’ and ‘Wondrous’. Make sure enough items of this type are included in your photo to qualify. For bonus points, you can even include some of the ‘Suggested’ tags as well.

If you haven’t quite memorized your entire Dreamlight Valley catalogue yet, there’s an easy way to find items that match the description. Be it fashion, furniture, or friends, open your inventory and filter your search by ‘Trait’, so you know you’re filling your frame with the right items.

A potential entry for Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps, showing the requirements and how many have been met, as a pink-haired character stands in an elegantly decorated room.


How to enter DreamSnaps

Once you’re sure you’ve got your room or outfit just right, access your phone camera on the item wheel in-game and take a snap. As soon as you’ve taken the picture, you are given a prompt to ‘Show DreamSnaps’, which tells you if there are enough requirements in the shot. Hit ‘Submit’ to send your image into the Dreamverse (OK, I made that up). Be careful though, you can only submit one image for each challenge, so make sure it’s perfect before you submit.

That’s all you need to know about DreamSnaps for now, so get snapping! You’ll need an inventory full of cool items to be able to take the most imaginative photos, so make sure you know how to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house and the storage capacity within it. While the photo feature might be keeping you busy, don’t forget the next Dreamlight Valley update is right around the corner as well, so use those friendship quests to level up your characters and get the best pics.