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How to unlock Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley

Vanellope arrives in Dreamlight Valley as part of the DreamSnaps update, but as you might expect from a glitch, she’s not easy to find.

How to unlock Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Von Scweetz reaches out to hold onto the large hand of Ralph.

How do you unlock Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley? The sweet speed machine has arrived in the valley as part of the DreamSnaps update, and brings a whole host of new friendship quests – as well as the new photo competition.

The latest Dreamlight Valley update sees the cute Wreck it Ralph princess race into the valley – well, the Dream Castle. And no, she’s not part of a new Dreamlight Valley realm. Upon venturing into the Disney game now, you might notice that more floors of the castle are unlocked, but there’s no new door to open. However, this reveal does hold the secret to finding the newest addition to the cast of Dreamlight Valley characters. We’ve glitched into our own valley to find the adorable new resident, so read on to find out what we discovered.

How to unlock Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley: A pink-haired player character stands in front of Vanellope as she jumps in the air with joy.

How to find Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley

To get Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley, you must speak with Scrooge McDuck. This starts the ‘Haunting of Dreamlight Valley’ story quest, and you can find Vanellope glitching somewhere in the Dream Castle.

From here, you are introduced to Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps, a sort of multiplayer feature in which you must put your photography skills to the test against other Dreamlight Valley players. Take a snap worthy of welcoming the glitch to the valley, and you might be able to stop her troublesome glitching. If you’re struggling here, you must submit your snap to DreamSnaps in order to continue the quest, just taking the photo doesn’t work.

Now you know how to find Vanellope in Dreamlight Valley, you can start her friendship quests and get her sickly sweet house built in whichever biome you choose. Speaking of houses, make sure yours is fully kitted out with the best Dreamlight Valley house upgrade, and since we know what a sweet tooth the new valley resident has, you might also want to familiarize yourself with all those delicious Dreamlight Valley recipes – specifically the dessert menu.