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Disney Dreamlight Valley update brings new Beauty and the Beast realm

Disney has just revealed its Enchanted Adventure update's patch notes, detailing the brand-new Beauty and the Beast realm alongside other changes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure update: Princess Belle sits on an orange bench, green grass and maple trees behind her, as she reads a book

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of those simulation games you simply can’t put down once you’ve started playing. It features a cast of familiar Disney icons, with everyone our childhood selves loved from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to a variety of princesses. If you’re a Dreamlight Valley fan yourself, then you know precisely what I mean when I say the game offers a massive dose of nostalgia. It’s getting even better with the Enchanted Adventure update, which brings the Beauty and the Beast realm.

The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notes showcase some of the changes coming with the introduction of the new Beauty and the Beast realm, as well as the upcoming area’s characters. The developer introduces the details saying, “While our last update focused on adding a new feature to the game, we’re oh so excited to open up a new realm door for you and welcome two highly anticipated new faces to the Valley.”

There’s even much more coming with the Dreamlight Valley update release, though. As the dev writes, “you can expect a whole slew of seasonally appropriate fun, as well as bug fixes and optimizations.” We’re getting Ursula-themed accessories, a spooktacular Halloween-themed Star Path, and new quests. You’ll also notice fresh DreamSnaps challenges and various optional items, including “some Disneyland staples.” More amusement park rides, please!

If you missed last year’s candy event, you’ll get to complete it following the update. It’s making a return, allowing anyone who wasn’t able to participate before to complete the seasonal duties for rewards. Personally, though, I’m most excited to hear that we’ll be getting more units of crafted items like fences and paths. My broke, material-less self needs this update.

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Dreamlight Valley patch notes – Enchanted Adventure update –Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Here is a roundup of the Enchanted Adventure update’s patch notes for Dreamlight Valley. You can view the full list directly on Disney‘s website if you want to know more about the changes coming to your game.

New content and improvements

  • A new Realm door opens! Explore the enchanting Beauty and the Beast Realm and unearth its secrets.
  • Two new characters! Belle and Beast arrive in the Valley, alongside brand-new Friendship Quests and items.
  • Get ready to stretch those legs! The optional Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle arrives in the Premium Shop, introducing a new Dream Style for Ursula that transforms her into her human form and serves up exclusive quests, outfits, accessories, and furniture.
  • Trick AND treat! The new Haunted Holiday Star Path puts the focus on frightful fun, including a wide array of costumes and décor to help you prepare your Valley for the Halloween season.
  • New quests! Help The Forgotten settle into the Valley over the course of the update with a series of quests.
  • More optional items are coming to the Premium Shop for a limited time that are bound to fit your seasonal vibe, including an iconic hill, some Disneyland staples, and much more!
  • New weekly DreamSnaps challenges to help you get in the festive spirit and show off your costuming creativity.
  • Bring on the candy! Last year’s in-game candy event returns, giving you another chance to earn rewards by completing seasonal Dreamlight Duties, available from October 24 to November 1.
  • Up your crafting productivity! When crafting fences and paths, you will receive more units of the crafted item.
  • Fill out those Collections! Items previously found exclusively in pouches can now be found in Scrooge McDuck’s Store.

Bug fixes

  • Improved memory optimization for increased stability.
  • Various improvements to DreamSnaps stability and performance.
  • “Sprouting a Story” quest: Fixed an issue in which the storybook page in Mother Gothel’s house was unreachable.
  • “What’s Left Behind” quest: Fixed an issue in which players were unable to speak with The Forgotten
  • “Boss Up” quest: Fixed an issue in which Scar’s Lure would disappear for some players.
  • “Meddling Mirabel” quest: Fixed an issue in which some players were unable to collect the cash register key needed to progress in this quest.
  • “Eyes in the Dark” quest: Fixed an issue in which the bridge did not appear to lower across the river and the cutscene did not play.
  • The Forgotten will now change their appearance to match the player’s avatar shortly after leaving the Wardrobe menu.
  • Added new animation and VFX to The Forgotten.
  • Various UI and localization fixes.
  • Various visual and sound fixes.
  • Various additional bug fixes and optimizations.

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