How to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar quests

Scar has joined Disney Dreamlight Valley and is roaming the Sunlit Plateau now, here’s everything you need to know about his Lion King quests

Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar update quests

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar update adds the villainous lion to the Disney game, and of course he comes with his own set of friendship quests, just like other Dreamlight Valley characters before him. However, you need to have completed certain prerequisites before you can embark on Scar’s Lion King story quests and get acquainted with Simba’s uncle.

The Lion King character joined the simulation game with the game’s first content update in October, along with some much-needed bug fixes, a new Star Path, and some new Halloween-themed goodies. Among all those exciting new changes, Scar is undeniably the star, giving returning players some new challenges to work towards. If you’re having trouble finding Scar though, or unlocking his story quests, here’s what you need to do first.

Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar elephant graveyard

How to unlock Scar friendship quests

The first thing you need to know if you want to befriend Scar is that he is located in the Sunlit Plateau, one of the seven current biomes in the Dreamlight Valley. Therefore, in order to talk to the dark-maned lion, you need to have unlocked the Sunlit Plateau itself. If you haven’t, simply gather 7,000 Dreamlight and head to the entrance to the north-west of the Plaza to open the hot, dry plateau.

With the Sunlit Plateau unlocked, you’ll notice that the giant skull in the iconic Elephant Graveyard now has a door – head to the skill’s new entrance to find out more.

If you’re still having trouble unlocking Scar’s quests, it’s because there’s still some work to do elsewhere in the valley. Make sure you have restored all four Dreamlight Valley pillars, and Scar’s first story quest will become available. The four pillars are located in the Meadow, Dazzle Beach, the Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust – speak with Merlin, Ursula, Kristoff, and Mother Gothel respectively to bring them back to their former glory.

So now you can crack on reactivating the Valley’s four pillars and take on some new challenges thanks to Scar’s arrival. If you’re starting from scratch, you must complete the Mystical Cave riddles before unlocking the Pillar of Power, and you’ll need plenty of Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards along the way, too.