How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards aren’t just pretty stones, they’re a necessary item for game progression, and can sometimes be hard to find

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards are one of the most valuable items you will need in the game. Not only are they needed in some of the quests that you undertake in your time restoring the valley, but you can also craft them into precious Dreamlight, the most crucial in-game currency.

Like with most social or farming simulation games, you have to do a lot of grindy resource gathering in Dreamlight Valley, especially during the early stages. Some resources grow from trees or seeds, while others regenerate in your surroundings. Dream Shards are obtained in very specific ways, and are often limited. We’ve got more information on the different resources available in our Dreamlight Valley beginner’s guide, but to find out how to get more Dream Shards specifically, stay right here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards Night Thorns: Player character destroys a Night Thorn in front of an excited WALL-E

How to get Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards

If you are one of those players desperately hunting for Dream Shards for a quest, you might not know that there are actually two ways of obtaining them.

Destroying Night Thorns

The most common way of gathering Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards is by destroying Night Thorns. Of course, when you first enter the valley, you are surrounded by the dark and mysterious plants, which threaten life as it once was in the idyllic land – and you set about destroying them all. However, the good news is that ten new Night Thorns generate with each new valley day, which reflects real time. Set about destroying all ten as part of your daily chores, and your inventory will soon be flush with Dream Shards.

Feeding animals

The other way you can go about collecting Dream Shards is by feeding wild Dreamlight Valley animals their favourite food, or critters as they’re known in-game. These adorable little creatures are found roaming their own biomes, and feeding them their grub of choice can see you rewarded with a Dream Shard or two. While only two of each critter spawns each day, that’s a total of 16 potential Dream Shards once all eight biomes are unlocked.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shard crafting recipe: The crafting menu shows 88 of the 100 Dream Shards needed to make 250 Dreamlight

Dreamlight Valley Dream Shard uses

As mentioned, the main use for Dream Shards is simply to complete quests – they’re essentially a plot device. Some quests will require Dream Shards themselves, such as the one noted above, along with Ursula’s “Lair Sweet Lair”. Others will require you to craft Dream Shards into Purified Night Shards, combining them with their jet-black counterparts. These pretty purified crystals can then be gifted to any of the Dreamlight Valley characters to develop your friendship, thanks to their sparkling appearance.

The other – and to a degree more useful – application for the Dream Shard is to craft Dreamlight. At a crafting bench, ten Dream Shards can be turned into 250 Dreamlight. This can then be used to bolster your Dreamlight total to unlock the next area of the map or a new Dream Castle realm.
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Now you know how to increase your Dream Shard collection, you shouldn’t run into too many issues if any quests require them – just don’t go changing them all into Dreamlight in a rush. If you’re looking for help with some of the other tricky quests in one of the best PC games of the last year, we can help you solve the Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave riddles, and cook Remy’s delicious Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe, just two of the many quests on your mission to recover the valley.