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Where to find the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re looking for the Dreamlight Valley secret door Mickey keeps talking about, we’ve done the work and solved the riddle for you

Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door location

Unlocking the Dreamlight Valley Secret Door completes Mickey’s friendship quests and reveals a room full of secrets and rewards. One of the best things about Disney Dreamlight Valley is its quests, which propel the story and give more purpose than your usual life sim.

All of the Dreamlight Valley characters bestow quests upon you, all with a unique end goal, and finding the secret door is Mickey’s. As we’ve come to establish in this most wholesome of Disney games, you seem to be the only one powerful enough to do anything, and that includes finding and opening this secret door. With nothing but a riddle and a memory at hand, you’ll need to gather the right materials to help Mickey find his secret room, where lots of treasures await you.

Mickey and the Disney Dreamlight Valley secret door

Where is the secret door?

Once your friendship with Mickey reaches level ten, he gives you a Magical Chest containing a memory. This memory reminds him about a secret door and a riddle: “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door for things new and old.”

“Turrets and towers” refers, of course, to the Dream Castle. You’ll already be familiar with the castle and its doors, through which you should have already discovered character realms, but there’s one door you might have missed. Just to the right of the staircase, and through the potted plants, you’ll see an oddly out-of-place curtain – the very curtain from the memory. Apparently it’s a heavy curtain, because only your magic can move it to reveal the secret door.

Disney Dreamlight Valley secret door Dream castle location

How to open the secret door

Mickey’s final early-access quest is not that simple though. Once you’ve revealed the door, you still need to unlock it. As Mickey’s memory starts to return, he’ll recall the rest of the riddle: “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door for things new and old. It needs no key you’ve ever known. To open this door, find matching stones.”

To open the door then, just like in the Mystical Cave quest, you need to gather four specific gems. The hint to which gems you need lies in the memory you unlocked earlier, but if you’re struggling to work it out from that, the stones needed to gain access to the Dreamlight Valley secret door are:

  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Garnet
  • Tourmaline

Disney Dreamlight Valley secret door: mining gems

Some of these gems are harder to find than others, and they all require you to have unlocked specific biomes. Aquamarine is the blue gem which can be located in Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor, while Citrine, a yellow-orange gem, is found in Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust. Red Garnets can be mined in Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza, and Tourmaline is the pink gem found in Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights. Once you have one of each, return to the door and interact with it to place the gems in the door.

Secret door rewards and the secret-secret room

There is plenty of loot waiting for you on the other side of the door to reward you for your efforts. The main one you want to keep an eye out for, though, is a Conspicuous Book – a deep blue book found on the floor of the secret room. Pick this up and interact with the bookshelf on the back wall to open yet another secret room, with even more loot inside.
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Now you know how to unlock Mickey’s secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley, one of the best life games right now, you can complete all his available quests – for now. Complete Merlin final quest and upgrade your watering can by finding Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and growing an Ice Heart. Once you’ve done all that, why not check out some of the other best PC games at your disposal right now?