How to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley

If you're wondering how to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, the little blue alien is a bit trickier to unlock than usual, so here’s everything you need to know.

How to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley: Experiment 626 crash lands in the valley next to his spaceship

If you want to know how to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, then look no further, as we’ve got info on all of the steps required to find Experiment 626 in your valley. The little blue alien is available in Dreamlight Valley, but in a rather unique way, and similar to finding Moana’s buddy Pua, you’ll have to uncover a few clues before Stitch moves in.

One of the best PC games of 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley features a huge selection of familiar faces – some are in the valley when you get there, you can meet others once you unlock their realms, and some – like Stitch – have very specific requirements to unlock. As such, it’s not immediately obvious how to get the little guy to crash land in the valley.

How to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley

Stitch takes longer to unlock than previous Dreamlight Valley characters, as you need to wait some time in between quests, leading to at least ten real-time days between getting started and meeting Experiment 626. It all kicks off with a rather gross discovery on Dazzle Beach.

Get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley: a slimy blue sock on the ground in Dazzle Beach

Where to find a slimy stocking

You should find a slimy sock somewhere on Dazzle Beach – sadly, we can’t tell you where as this will vary from player to player. We can tell you, though, that you are looking for a blue sock that will appear on the ground, no need to go digging or fishing. Finding the sock will trigger a series of challenges with Donald Duck, the owner of the soggy footwear.

Search Donald’s house for clues, and you’ll uncover a special piece of alien tech. While it might seem that your search for a new valley resident is now in full swing, Donald tells you that some strange lights have been appearing, but only every few days, and you’ll need to wait five days to carry on your search.

How to find a chewed-up sock

Be sure to check back into your valley five real-time days later, and a second sock will appear somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow. We’re sure you’re visiting your Disney friends daily anyway, but don’t try looking for the sock too soon as it won’t be there.

When the colourful sock does turn up the ground, you’ll find it belongs to Goofy, and you’ll need to do the same again – search his house for clues, and wait a further five days to carry on your quest.

Find a knitted orange sock

Finally, a third sock – this time a cosy orange sock – will appear in the Forest of Valor. Again, this can only be found at least five days since you discovered Goofy’s footwear. This one belongs to Merlin, and you’ll find a final clue in his magical home. Find that, and you’re nearly ready to have Stitch crash-land onto your island.

How to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley: A spaceship hurtles over Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Without spoiling too much, follow Donald’s instructions regarding the homing device to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, and introduce a brand-new, out-of-this-world character to all your friends.

We’re sure you’re desperate to meet Stitch, but don’t be tempted to time travel in your game. As Dreamlight Valley is in early access, changing the time on your PC or device to get Stitch early could break your game going forward, causing unresolvable problems when gathering resources.

It might take a while to get Stitch to reveal himself to you, having munched his way through everyone’s socks in the meantime, but we’re sure the cheeky little guy will be worth it. We don’t know if and when Lilo or even Angel will be joining him, but with any luck they might appear in the next Dreamlight Valley update. In the meantime, there is plenty to get on with, with Stitch’s own quests, new Dreamlight Valley recipes to cook, finding Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley… and we still don’t know what that Dreamlight Valley golden potato does.