Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests and how to unlock them

Unlocking the Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests and her magical casita door requires a special item hidden somewhere in the valley.

Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests: Mirabel Madrigal stands in front of the Plaza Wishing Well

In order to unlock Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests and get the very magical Casita Madrigal to open its doors to you, you need to find a special item hidden in the valley. Thankfully, you don’t need to unlock anything special though, so starting your Encanto journey in Dreamlight Valley is simple – once you know where to look.

Mirabel Madrigal joins Dreamlight Valley with the ever-cheerful Olaf, but neither are locked behind a realm. Instead, you must carry out specific quests within the valley to find them and bring them back. The arrival of these two unlikely friends to the Disney game add to the ever-increasing number of Dreamlight Valley characters, so if you haven’t got them all already, make sure you know how to unlock the Dreamlight Valley Scar quests, among the many others. Especially since keeping your friends close is a huge part of these Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests.

Draemlight Valley Mirabel quests: Give the Golden Doorknob to Merlin

How to get Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley

To get Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley, you must find the Madrigal doorknob, speak to Merlin, then complete three quests. You will also need 500 Dreamlight, but this isn’t too hard to collect.

The first step to finding Mirabel is similar to knowing how to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, in that you need to locate a certain significant item somewhere in The Meadow. Eagle-eyed fans of the game will have noticed this from a cryptic Dreamlight Valley tweet, which gives the location of the Madrigal doorknob away. While we’ve found ours, though, we’re assuming – like Stitch’s mucky socks – that the doorknob could appear anywhere in the Meadow, so we can’t tell you exactly where to look. However, we can tell you that ours was pretty easy to spot, so you shouldn’t be looking for too long.

Once you have found the magical golden doorknob lying on the floor, you will trigger the first quest to (re)meeting Mirabel Madrigal. Speak to Merlin – as is often the case with these quests – and he will inform you that the Mini-Casita (we love it!) disappeared when The Forgetting started in an effort to protect its inhabitant – Mirabel. The appearance of the mysterious doorknob suggests that Mini-Casita has seen your efforts and is considering a return, but you’ll need to really prove it’s safe. The quests you must undertake to make the current valley residents feel welcome and encourage Mini-Casita’s return are:

  • Take photographs with three different villagers.
  • Give two different villagers their favourite gifts.
  • Start daily discussions with two different villagers.

You can do all of these right away. We’ve got some advice regarding these things in our super Dreamlight Valley guide, particularly regarding gift-giving. What’s more, you can do all of these things while you’re also investigating how to unlock Olaf’s Dreamlight Valley quests, too!

Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests: The Mini-Casita in the valley

Once you have completed these simple tasks, you’ll just need to hand over 500 Dreamlight to Merlin, which isn’t much. If you haven’t got enough, you can either convert Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards, or complete a couple of daily tasks – the earlier quests may even count towards these.

Once you’ve done this, the Mini-Casita will want to return and, honestly, it’s probably the coolest house in the valley. The latest update adds new ways to make your own look a little bit better, so check out how to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house, including premium shop items which let you change its look completely.