Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch teaser hints at crash landing soon

A new Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch teaser has dropped, informing players that the adorable little space miscreant will be joining Gameloft's life game soon

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch teaser hints at crash landing soon: A blue alien creature that looks like a dog with large ears called Stitch hides behind a woman's leg holding a snowball and grinning

With the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update in full swing, players have been asking one question: where, oh where, is Stitch? The adorable little alien is set to join the life game‘s ever-growing roster as part of the update, but is currently nowhere to be seen. Gameloft, however, has dropped some (not so) subtle hints that he will be crash landing sometime this week.

In order to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, players need to collect… socks. Yes, socks. Turns out the little blue menace has been stealing your villagers’ cosy footwear, so you’ll have to track one down every five days in order to summon him from the skies.

Some have already managed to do this using the Nintendo Switch’s ‘time jump’ function, which allows players to change their console’s time and skip days. While the devs don’t endorse this (to borrow their words, it isn’t “the intended gameplay experience”) and instead urge players to go and collect the quest items instead, many have already added Stitch to their Valley.

A new post from the official DDV Twitter account, however, confirms that Stitch will be dropping into the Valley by the end of the week, and informs players that they need to look for some misplaced items in the run up to his arrival. “Something is… different in the Valley. Keep an eye out for mischief this week!” they write.

Attached is an image of the game’s winter splash art, however several different characters have been doodled upon with black sharpie. The culprit, standing to the left of the player character, has decked himself out in a glowing halo with sparkles.

A collection of Disney characters including Stitch, Anna, Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear stand in a snowy area with the castle behind them but their faces have been doodled upon

“This is definitely referring to Stitch,” writes one player. “It reminds me of when they covered the castle in toilet paper at Disney World when Stitch’s Great Escape was opening.”

A second comment reads “I’m assuming this is a way to imply people should look for the next sock now. The vast majority of players probably don’t come to Reddit or Discord, so they likely don’t know about the five-day-timer for Stitch’s quest.”

As someone who plays very casually, I was unaware of the new Stitch quest. This post certainly had me intrigued, so I am very glad the DDV devs are so active on social media! It also confirms that the tiny blue bombshell will be around sooner rather than later, and I am beyond excited. Best Christmas gift ever, am I right?

If you’re looking to befriend Stitch, be sure to check out our rundown of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes so that you can rustle him up some tasty treats. With all of the new characters finally making their way into the Valley, you may be looking ahead to the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update, so be sure to glance over our article in advance.