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Disney Dreamlight Valley updates for 2023 is easily the best yet

Gameloft has revealed a series of Disney Dreamlight Valley updates set for 2023, with characters like The Lion King's Simba joining the cosy life game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley updates for 2023 is easily the best yet: A smiling lion walks across a wooden bridge in front of a waterfall as a warthog walks in front of him

When you wish upon a star, Disney Dreamlight Valley updates a plenty there are – you can see why I don’t write music, huh? Either way, Gameloft has revealed its 2023 roadmap for the cosy life game, and some fan favourites will be joining the existing Disney Dreamlight Valley roster.

The 2023 roadmap shows off four separate updates, one dropping in February, the next in April, followed by “early summer” and then late 2023.

The first update focuses on Encanto, the 2021 animated film centred around the seemingly unexceptional Mirabel Madrigal and her family of gifted individuals. The images shows off Gameloft’s version of main protagonist Mirabel Madrigal, while also hinting that a certain snowman will also be taking up residence in the currently barren Frosted Heights. Of course, it goes without saying that this is Olaf, the lovable accomplice of Frozen’s Elsa and Anna.

Next up is April, which is the one I’m easily the most excited about. With Scar dropping during the Halloween update (if you don’t know how to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar quests, we’ve got you covered) his arch nemesis Simba will be arriving to take back his crown – and I am living for it. The Lion King remains my favourite Disney movie, and I cannot wait to see Gameloft’s take on this tale as old as time.

The final update that we’re given some real detail on is the “early summer” one, which appears to centre around Cinderella if that pumpkin-style house is anything to go by. The other choice could be Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph – after all, she loves a good race – but the oversized vegetable is more reminiscent of the classic Disney princess. We’re also promised that we’ll be able to “unveil the secret to The Forgetting,” the overarching evil that permeates every corner of the Village, so for those of you who love a story quest, this is the season for you.

A Gameloft roadmap showing future updates for Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2023, including Encanto, The Lion King, and more

Finally, towards the latter half of the year we’ll see the devs implement multiplayer (yes, seriously), as well as adding more realms, characters, and cosmetic items for your character and their house.

In terms of star paths (the game’s ‘battle pass’ if you will) the February edition will celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, and the April version will focus on the Disney theme parks that we all know and love. As an avid Epcot fan, I can’t wait to see how Gameloft transforms the essence of cultural hotspot into virtual rewards.

If these updates have inspired you to dive into the Valley and cast off The Forgetting, be sure to check out the current roster of Disney Dreamlight Valley characters to see who you’ll be able to meet. We also have a rundown of all the current Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes – perfect for welcoming these new additions to the Village, am I right?