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New Drop CSTM65 gaming keyboard shows bigger isn’t always better

Retaining the customization and hot-swapping of the CSTM line was important for Drop, but this 65% keyboard doesn't need size to impress.

Drop CSTM65

Drop is all in on its CSTM line of keyboards as it reveals the CSTM65, a compact gaming keyboard that looks to continue the incredible typing legacy from its larger counterpart, the CSTM80.

We reviewed the CSTM80 recently, and it’s not surprising to see Drop bring forth a smaller model to appeal to the mini keyboard crowd. What is surprising, is that all of the customization that was possible with the CSTM80 is still present in the CSTM65.

The Drop CSTM65 still offers enthusiast-level customization, including the ability to swap out the 5-pin switches, replace any of the keycaps, and even swap out the magnetic cases to give your setup a fresh look rather than having to change your entire keyboard.

Drop CTSM65 designer case

There are still two switches to pick between, the Gateron Brown Pro 3.0 or Linear Yellow KS3 but you can switch these out for any 5-pin alternative or buy a barebones CSTM65 with no switches or keycaps included if you already have your own to hand.

If you do buy a pre-assembled version, you’re going to be getting the same ABS south-facing keycaps as the CSTM80 and the per-key RBG is also retained. The CSTM65 is gasket mounted, which is what offers a smooth typing experience with absolutely no harsh feedback from a complete keypress, ideal for heavy-handed smashers.

Colors available at launch include white, black, Laser Purple, Skiidata orange, and Jasmine Green. If you like your keyboard to have some weight to it, you can also try out one of the custom weight plates, you can choose from stainless steel with black PVD coating, stainless steel with chromatic PVD coating, and brass with clear coating.

The Drop CSTM65 is available right now in a barebones configuration for $75. A fully assembled version with a black decorative case is available for $129. Additional decorative cases cost $25, while the custom weight plates cost $59.

We will have a review of the Drop CSTM65 live in due course, but our unit arrived early and we’ve been able to play around with it for just over a week. Early signs suggest that if you’re a fan of the existing CSTM line, and are crying out for a mini model, the CSTM65 is the perfect keyboard for you.

The typing experience is first class, and the small form factor aided its gaming performance for me personally, even though that’s not what these keyboards are necessarily designed around.

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