Dying Light 2 DLC introduces brutal Mad Max gladiator brawls

The first Dying Light 2 DLC is called Bloody Ties, and the teaser trailer takes us to Carnage Hall, where survivors compete to the death in brutal combat

Dying Light 2 DLC: The feet of a warrior are seen alongside a mutated skull with a split lower jaw, and two torches in the background light its eye holes.

We’ve gotten a brief glimpse of the first Dying Light 2 DLC coming to the post-apocalyptic world of Villedor. The open-world game’s first story expansion, called Bloody Ties, will apparently be introducing a gladiatorial combat arena, where warriors battle to the death for… well, for something. We’ll apparently be finding out more soon.

The teaser shows us a few moments of the action inside an arena called Carnage Hall – Dying Light 2’s tongue-in-cheek nod to New York’s Carnegie Hall, amusingly. Through the eye holes of a misshapen skull sitting on the floor, we see two warriors clash in desperate combat – before the larger of the two finds an opening and viciously hacks his opponent with an axe.

The victor strides over and hoists the skull, which we now see has the split lower jawbone of a viral mutant, as well as a decorative set of metal bands screwed into it. The scene is lit with coloured spotlights accented with dry ice vapour, indicating that this is, indeed, a spectacle of some kind.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s all we get for the time being. Developer Techland says there’ll be a proper premiere for the Bloody Ties narrative DLC during Opening Night Live at Gamescom August 23 at Gamescom.

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