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Square Enix will publish Dying Light 2, with more details to come at E3

Square Enix is partnering up with Techland Publishing to deliver Dying Light 2 to the Americas

Square Enix has announced in a press release that it is partnering with Techland Publishing to deliver Dying Light 2 to the Americas. The sequel to the post-apocalyptic action survival game Dying Light was announced at E3 last year, and it looks like there will plenty more to hear at this year’s E3, now just around the corner.

Head of Marketing at Poland-based Techland, Ed Lin, says the studio is excited to be joining forces with Square Enix, stating that the “partnership represents an incredible opportunity for both companies to bring Modern Dark Ages to audiences across Americas”.

John Heinecke, Square Enix’s Chief Marketing Officer, also seems to be buzzing about the partnership, and has indicated that the studio’s upcoming E3 conference has plenty in store for fans. He says “the game is setting up to be an innovative, ambitious project, and we believe players will be delighted with what they deliver. This game fits incredibly well into our portfolio, and we’re looking forward to showing more at E3”.

This revelation is probably not surprising given that the game was a pretty big player at last year’s E3, and we’ve not heard anything official in quite a while. We don’t yet have a solid Dying Light 2 release date for the game, either – maybe this will be one of many exciting things to come out of the conference.

What we do know is that Dying Light 2 will introduce a raft of cool new features that go further than the original. It will have a hugely expanded parkour moveset and a player choice aspect – what you choose to do, and which factions you choose to work with, will have a huge effect on the decaying metropolis you’re trying to survive. Consequences might bite hard. It will also feature a map “four times larger” than its predecessor’s – and that’s including the expansions.

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Square Enix confirmed that its E3 appearance would feature Dying Light 2 on Twitter, and the conference is due to take place on June 10. In the meantime, check out our guide to everything we know about Dying Light 2 so far.