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Dying Light 2 update will bring back the X-ray stun effect

Arriving alongside the upcoming Bloody Ties DLC, Dying Light 2 update 1.7.2 will add the X-ray stun effect from the original Dying Light into the sequel

Dying Light 2 update X-ray effect: A muscular man in a skull mask with gold metal horns attached to its sides

Dying Light 2 made some big changes to the formula established by the first entry in the zombie game series, adding new features and dropping a few others. One of the latter was the bone-crunching X-ray effect you’d see when you stunned an enemy: with the right kind of hit, you’d trigger a slowdown mode and see an infected’s skeleton crushed by the impact of your weapon. That feature will be coming to Dying Light 2 in update 1.7.2, which will be available to play November 10 alongside the upcoming story DLC, Bloody Ties.

Developer Techland says this is ‘phase one’ of the effect’s implementation, and ask that players get out there, “smash some bones”, and provide feedback so that the developers can make it “iconic” for Dying Light 2 as well.

Dying Light 2 update 1.7.2 makes a bunch of changes and fixes beyond the addition of the X-ray effect. There are loads of fixes for crashes and stretched clothing and textures, as well as some significant gameplay tweaks. Nights are going to be much darker, and indicators for howlers should display correctly. You’ll also find that virals’ hearing has improved, and that they’ll react more intensely to certain noises they pick up.

The full patch notes also include a laundry list of crash fixes, clipping corrections, and other bug smashing coming with this next big Dying Light 2 update.

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