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Massive Dying Light 2 update improves biter AI and adds DLSS 3

The latest Dying Light 2 patch makes major improvements to Techland's zombie-infested adventure, with tons of quality of life enhancements and technical fixes.

Dying Light 2 update 1.9: A masked man in a gold snakeskin suit holds a smoldering cigar stogie near a fighting ring lit by purple-hued florescent light bars

A new Dying Light 2 patch is out that makes a veritable undead host of improvements to Techland’s post-apocalyptic zombie game. Community update 2.0, which brings Dying Light 2 to version 1.9.0, adds all new features like Legend levels, DLSS 3 support, a new ‘pilgrim’ outfit, and cross-generation compatibility for our console pals.

The new Legend Levels system is a new set of bonuses to earn by playing Dying Light 2. Throughout the game, and even after the campaign has wrapped up, you’ll earn upgrade points to put into new passive bonus skills. Engineer, for example, adds bonus damage to all explosive throwable items like grenades and molotovs. There’s also a new set of new ‘legend’ outfits to unlock, and as your legend level increases, you’ll also earn chests full of bonus items (like rare infected trophies).

Techland has also made a huge number of improvements to moment-to-moment play. One that you may notice first is the new ragdoll animations, which will make infected “behave more realistically upon taking damage.” Since much of what goes on in Dying Light 2 involves hitting infected things extremely hard with various blunt objects, we’re excited to try this out.

The developer has also made improvements to the soundscape you’ll experience at night, and enemy AI has been improved for when they’re standing near building ledges. You can skip cutscenes by holding down a button, and use a new ‘Stab’ skill to instantly kill biters who grab you. That will happen less frequently, by the way – the patch also makes the infected less likely to give you those trademark unwanted hugs of theirs.

Co-op gameplay has seen a bunch of improvements in this patch as well, including fixes for issues that cropped up with the Bloody Ties DLC. There’s a new respawn ability that allows you to pop back into the game near another player 45 seconds after death, and any player will now be able to use the host player’s nightrunner tools during a co-op session, regardless of how far the connecting player has progressed through the story.

Techland has also enabled Nvidia’s new DLSS 3.0 in this update. The studio says you’ll want a variable refresh rate monitor and GPU scheduling turned on for the best experience with this, and advises that the in-game benchmark tool may not display the correct framerate when Nvidia’s frame generation feature is enabled.

There’s plenty more in this update, and the full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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