Dying Light’s final content drop, Badlands Rider, has arrived

Badlands Rider

Dying Light has had quite the run. After its initial success, developer Techland has continuously added to the game, which started out big and has only gotten bigger – impressively so.

Last year, the ten-in-12 initiative kicked off, with Techland pledging to bring ten content drops to the game in 12 months. The last one is now here and it’s a Mad Max-inspired “Badlands Rider.”

The new Badlands Rider content drop, which arrived yesterday, includes a new buggy called Desert Fury to tear up the open countryside of Dying Light’s The Following expansion. It’s all steel and rivets, with some scratchy post-apocalypse signage painted on the side. 

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You also get three new weapons. The first is a double-barreled shotgun, and while firearms arguably detracted from Dying Light’s melee focus in the base game, it’s genre canon that zombies and shotguns go extremely well together. The second is a new machete, the Empress, which has an oxidized look but still appears to be fairly effective at disassembling the undead.

The most interesting new weapon – for my money – is Heatwave, a crossbow that appears to fire concussive bolts. In the trailer below, there’s clearly a blast when the bolts hit something, but there isn’t the usual combustion of a normal grenade. However, the blast is still powerful enough to send zombies careening in all directions, and that’s as good a reason as any to head back into the game.

Finally, there’s the new survivor, the Badlands Rider himself. He’s a curious looking fellow, all dusty leather and motorcycle chains, and yet it’s clear he’s particular about grooming, with a tightly-cropped mohawk and a fussy Errol Flynn mustache.

While Badlands Rider marks the end of new content for the base game, Dying Light isn’t over by any means. Dying Light: Bad Blood, Techland’s standalone six-player take on battle royale, is currently in development. No release date has been set yet.