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Netflix heads to E3 to talk turning TV shows into games

Netflix will head up a panel at E3 2019 on turning their original shows into games

Following their recent forays into interactive titles that blur the boundaries between film and game, streaming giant Netlflix has announced that it will appear at this year’s E3 to discuss turning some of their original shows into videogames.

The creator of the groundbreaking choose-your-own-adventure title, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, will head up a panel called, ‘Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games’. The panel will feature as part of the coliseum program at E3 2019, which hosts a variety of on-stage discussions throughout the convention, complementing other thematic talks, such as ‘Transference with Elijah Wood’, which will similarly explore the space where movies and games meet.

Netflix announced their panel through a series of well-versed tweets between their and E3’s Twitter accounts, hinting, alongside confirmation of their upcoming Stranger Things RPG game, due to arrive on July 4th, that ‘there’s definitely more to come!’.

It’s not clear what this cryptic announcement specifically refers to, other than the adaptation of their Netflix Originals into videogames, or whether they’ll be discussing past, present, or future titles due for transmutation. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Grace and Frankie-themed FPS? Or an Orange is the New Black RPG? Actually, let’s not get carried away.

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With Netflix having vowed to ‘double down’ on producing interactive titles earlier this year, it is probably unsurprising that they are aiming to take on E3, and with some other big studios such as EA and Sony not attending the main show this year, it will certainly be a key event to watch.

It’s possible that Neflix may decide to talk about the other, now-cancelled, Stranger Things game, which wound down along with its developer, Telltale Games, last year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that Grace and Frankie shooter, anyway. Or maybe a Queer Eye RTS? The possibilities are endless.