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Co-op FPS demo inspired by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater gets a big overhaul

The excellent FPS demo for Echo Point Nova on Steam just got a big update, making the free experience one you definitely can't miss.

If you’re looking for a new fast-paced movement shooter, as I always am, you can’t go wrong with Echo Point Nova. It’s got co-op, it’s got dynamic combat and slick shooting, and it’s even got a skateboard and grapple hook. It’s the makings of a phenomenal shooter, and the free Steam demo, inspired by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, just got a massive update that fleshes it out even more.

Echo Point Nova isn’t even out yet, and it’s an FPS game I can’t help but recommend. Coming from Severed Steel developer Greylock Studio, it’s an open-world co-op shooter where you get around with a skateboard and grapple hook. While Severed Steel perfected FPS combat in small corridors, using slides, wall running, full camera control, and slow-mo to deliver one of the most exciting shooters I’ve ever played, Echo Point Nova trades that for a bigger shooter you can play with friends.

There’s been an Echo Point Nova demo on Steam for quite some time and it’s a great shooter to try alone or with others, but Greylock has just released a big update as a part of Steam’s FPS Fest sale, and it makes enough changes to warrant me gushing about the game all over again.

The two biggest changes to the demo are how you unlock weapon mods from killing enemies, and you now need to collect orbs to level up the jump and grapple abilities, Crackdown style. I love how both of these impact overall progression, further incentivizing you to get into firefights and explore the map on your skateboard – the core loop of the game.

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Echo Point Nova demo update

All of the changes to the Echo Point Nova can be found below, with the Greylock game officially ‘coming soon’ to Steam.

  • Kill enemies to unlock weapon mods
  • Collect agility orbs to level up your jump and grapple hook
  • New jetpack enemy
  • Improved boss fight
  • Lots of adjustments to gameplay, balance, graphics, and performance

Keep in mind that the changes mean old EPN saves won’t work with the new demo, but you can go to an old branch of the game in the Steam betas menu if you’re a returning player and want to continue from where you left off.

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