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Elden Ring patch takes aim at performance and the Fire Giant

Elden Ring 1.02.2 patch for March 2 fixes some big problems.

Elden Ring 1.02.2 patch for today, March 2, fights the Fire Giant for you

There’s a new Elden Ring patch and it should fix a couple of big problems. The latest update for FromSoftware’s excellent open-world game primarily focuses on an issue that can affect performance, but should also fix the Fire Giant fight so that players can actually kill him while on horseback.

It’s already one of the best RPGs on PC but Elden Ring has received criticism from a number of players due to the Soulslike‘s performance – even going so far as to knock the Steam review score down to “Mixed”. The Steam Deck version was promised a fix for this week, so suffering players are hoping the main PC version will be too.

With any luck, that has already happened. The Elden Ring patch 1.02.2 for today is small at only 13.1MB, though FromSoftware says it fixes “an issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance”. Some players on the Steam forums report a smoother performance, but others report no change.

One thing that should be fixed is a crash in one of Elden Ring’s boss fights. The patch fixes “a bug that caused the game to quit under certain conditions during a battle with the Fire Giant”, which mostly happens when trying to fight it on horseback. So you should be able to kill him without fear of crashing, now (the game, not the horse).

The patch also fixes “other bugs” but the notes don’t go into detail about what they are. Now that the Fire Giant is fixed, though, the big question is – can someone beat it with a Ring Fit controller?

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