Elden Ring boss Morgott had a weird change in the last patch

So what surprising change has the Elden Ring boss Morgott got? Well, Morgott got a weird cooling-off in the last Elden Ring patch 1.04 update, apparently

Elden Ring Morgott with a bit of a cooldown thanks to patch 1.04

Every Elden Ring boss is at the centre of the RPG game‘s experience, with each one being both challenging and meticulously crafted – so when an update makes an unexpected change to one, fans notice. Apparently, Elden Ring patch 1.04 made a weird one to Morgott, the Omen King, with an interesting change to his cutscene.

Morgott is somewhat underestimated in the roster of Elden Ring bosses. He’s one of the few you have to defeat to progress in the open-world game, but the fact that he’s essentially a ramped-up repeat of Margit the Fell Omen means that Morgott often doesn’t get the attention he deserves. So, while players immediately noticed a change to Malenia in patch 1.04, it’s mostly gone unnoticed that Morgott also had a change – perhaps a more visible one, too.

As spotted by user Razhork on Reddit, Morgott received a big change to his opening cutscene in patch 1.04. Previously, he’d grab his cane, set it on fire, and it’d explode to reveal his sword. After the patch, there’s no fire, and the cane just crumbles to reveal the sword.

Given that Morgott talks about “the flame of ambition” at this point, it’s especially noticeable, as you can see below. It’s possible this is an intentional lore change, as Morgott doesn’t wield fire until the second half of the battle – and it’s kind of a big deal that he does.

Morgott’s cutscene was changed with patch 1.04 from Eldenring

There are likely many little changes hidden in Elden Ring patches, some welcome, some not, but given how big the game is, it’s hardly any wonder that it’s taking so long for everything to be discovered.

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